Angelo Cavaleri

College Pt./Flushing Queens NYC Accountant Says E=MC2

There's an accountant serving the College Point/Flushing areas of Queens NYC who's using a bit of high energy physics to explain the benefits e-filing ones taxes early.


Flushing, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- Angelo Cavaleri a knowledgeable accountant and enrolled agent has one high energy resume when it comes to taxes. This seasoned professional is an an alumni of Baruch College with an MBA in Taxation from St. John's University. His impressive educational background afforded him the opportunity to be successful in both the corporate world and in private business. And with decades of experience at his disposal he is now offering his accounting services to his fellow Queens NYC neighbors. All the while taking a page out of the physics books to explain the benefits of early e-filing taxes.

Now as most physicists know E=mc2. But when Mr. Cavaleri looks at this same formula he sees a whole new meaning. Where, E (E-file) = M (Money refunded early) C (allows us to Check at light speed if the IRS has received ones return while tracking its progress). Furthermore according to Mr. Cavaleri e-filing has some additional benefits as well.

"Besides e-filing being a free method of sending in ones tax returns it also speeds up the whole refund process allowing those anticipated funds to be available within 10-21 days," says Mr. Cavaleri.

Plus another caveat of wisdom bestowed upon us by Mr. Cavaleri this tax season is... file all tax returns early!

"The earlier one files their tax returns the quicker they can receive their refund," says Mr. Cavaleri. "Also another reason for filing early is that in the beginning of the tax season most tax preparers aren't bogged down with a whole slew of returns, allowing them to spend more time on your return."

So if one wants to get their tax returns prepared by a very knowledgeable dedicated accountant who knows how to get those refunds at twice the speed of light (well as close to that as possible) look up Angelo Cavaleri – he has the right equation for proper tax preparation.

About Angelo Cavaleri
Angelo Cavaleri is an experienced accountant/enrolled agent and is located in Flushing Queens NYC ( All income taxes and accounting services are personally prepared by Mr. Cavaleri and he can be reached at 718-614-4091 for a free consultation for all personal and business tax needs.