College Students Drinking and Driving Solution with Low Cost DUI Lawyer

Drunk driving is a primary worry for parents as soon as their children get a license, reach the partying age in high school, or go off to college. It is normal to have the fear that any warning efforts will go unheeded.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Nevertheless, approaching one’s teenagers or college age kids should be a priority once a it is seen as a potential worry. The issue may be difficult to bring up effectively. Legal Yogi would like to provide support for parents or educators by offering information on laws and hazards:

- Frequency of Drunk Driving
- Hazards of Drunk Driving
- Laws around Drunk Driving

Frequency of Drunk Driving

Even though experts say that drinking is down over 50 percent over the past ten years, there is still cause for parents to worry. For teenagers, drunk driving can affect them even when they take the precautions to avoid drinking at a party. In areas where parties are occurring, on party nights, teenagers and college students are still vulnerable. Many may not realize the way alcohol can affect driving after only a few drinks or after sobering time. Legal Yogi has access to other statistics and examples of scenarios that might be effective in informing teens and college students.

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Hazards of Drunk Driving

Once teenagers get to that driving age, or reach drinking age, there is both the risk of getting hit by a drunk driver and getting into a car with a detectable blood alcohol level. Experts say that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. A teenager that gets into a car with a detectable blood alcohol level is over thirty times more likely to get into an accident than someone completely sober.

For college students, drinking and driving happens more often as college increases the frequency of drinking, especially when students reach the drinking age. Even though college overlaps with a drivers full driving proficiency, access to alcohol and presence in party hot spots will increase the frequency of drunk driving and an incidental drunk driving accident.

Laws around Drunk Driving

Teenager and college students must be taught that drunk driving laws are severe. The national legal blood alcohol level limit is 0.08%. Teenagers who operate a car under the influence are subject to zero tolerance policy. Licenses are revoked with significant fines. After subsequent charges violators can expect to see jail time, vehicle impoundment, and a loss of job potential with damage to their record.

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