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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2016 -- Officially licensed NCAA Apparel outlet, CollegeFanWearHouse has proudly announced that the shop will be featuring premium quality apparel from Cotton Gallery. As a renowned number one brand for custom made apparel including screen printed T-shirts, jerseys, monogrammed clothing, customized sports team uniforms and embroidery, etc., Cotton Gallery has been well recognized in all of the Marion and at large, the state of Iowa. Being the officially licensed outlet for NCAA apparel, CollegeFanWearHouse has turned out to be a great news for the football fans and NCAA enthusiasts.

The sport of football has always been dominating the American culture and from national holiday of the Super Bowl Sunday to each match at college level, the enthusiasm of fans is always at the heart of the United States. Merchandise is seen in each stadium and elsewhere and the shirts, jerseys and other parts of clothing are seen with team logos and player numbers nationwide. Fans are always in search of the shirts and jerseys of their favorite team more than any other item.

To give fans exactly what they want, CollegeFanWearHouse is providing apparel featuring most of the teams of NCAA and the apparel is available in stock. Teams like Brigham Young University, California State-Long Beach, University of Northern Iowa, San Diego State, Northern Oklahoma, Bluefield College, Cal Poly, Chapman University and many other popular NCAA teams are available for the fans to wear and not only support their teams but also play the sports of college whenever they want. Also, some of the teams' shirt can be personalized.

"No matter the size of your project, we have the experience and talent to provide a high-quality product. We have experience working with small sector companies as well as doing screen print t-shirts for big box stores." Says the About Us section of the CollegeFanWearHouse Website. The options are unlimited and 100% customizable and fans can get exactly what they want with a wide range of colors and choices available. Even if the customized logo that they order is too large or does not belong to any sports team, the team at CollegeFanWearHouse will still take care of it and will get it done for them within no time.

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