Collin Sarri Statham

Collin Sarri Statham Announces New Publishing Deal

Collin Sarri Statham, a leading business author, has today announced his partnership with Paston Press, a publisher of business books.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Collin’s upcoming book, ‘Business Secrets Of The Romans’, is due for publication in Q1 2015, exclusively by Paston Press. It will focus around the core business disciplines of finance, marketing, sales and management, drawing comparisons between the modern business world and the ancient Romans, who are pioneers of most modern business ideas.

“What did the Romans do for us? Quite a lot, actually, in fact having invented many business ideas that we still use today.” said Collin Sarri Statham.

“Roman traders effectively pioneered word of mouth marketing, SWAT analysis, and sales tactics like ABC (always be closing). It’s amazing to think that these modern business ideas were invented by ancient Roman merchants, market traders and even emperors!”

Collin Sarri Statham expects the book to book to appeal to both entrepreneurs and history enthusiasts. Collins Sarri Statham said, “My book has been tailored to be informative to business owners, as well as history enthusiasts. In fact, my initial drafts would favour more towards business owners, rather than historians studying the Romans.”

This is not to say that the book takes history lightly, as it is packed with full colour images of historical texts, citations of well known studies and authentic historic resources. This includes images of some of the earliest advertisements and sales pitches known to man. The book is the first work to combine business and ancient history in this way, truly making it a groundbreaking publication appealing to a wide range of readers.

The book will be available worldwide on the Kindle Store as well as paperback copies from selected independent bookshops, with a preliminary release date set at 2 February 2015. A limited edition signed hardback copy will also be available from the Paston Press website, limited to 200 copies, including additional high resolution historical images and documents.

About Collin Sarri Statham
Collin Sarri Statham is a well known business writer and historian. Graduating with a joint History and business Masters Degree in 1974, Collin Sarri Statham went on to have a successful career working for a number of large British organisations before launching his writing career in 1999. In his latest book, Collin’s “Business Secrets Of The Romans”, Collin’s aim is to both educate and inform business people and history enthusiasts alike.