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Colonoscopy Helper, The Popular Smartphone App for Colonoscopy, Available in Spanish for Android Phones

Colonoscopy Helper is now finally available in Spanish in the Google Play Store.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- The ColonoscopyHelper, the convenient and popular smartphone app that assists colonoscopy bowel preparation,is finally available in Spanish. Although many have already benefited from this app, Hispanics, many of whom have limited facility with English, have been unable to utilize this very useful smartphone app until now. Ironically, those who only speak Spanish are probably ones who would most benefit from the guidance provided by this app, given relative paucity of resource available to them.The magnitude of this problem is evident from the fact that Hispanics constitute over 17% of the U.S. population, and are the largest and most rapidly growing ethnic minority in the nation.

The Spanish version of Colonoscopy Helper is now conveniently configured inside the app that is currently available in the Google Play store. The app will automatically detect the primary language of the user including Spanish and play appropriate language. Inside the app, there are 13 Spanish reminders, spread over 10 days including timely reminders before and after the procedure. It provides guidance with illustration,Spanish text, and audio directions to ensure that the colon is optimally cleansed and ready for the examination. It also reminds the user which medication(s) may need to be held or dosage adjusted, before and after the colonoscopy.The Colonoscopy Helper even alerts to important symptoms following colonoscopy that may require a prompt medical attention. The complex and often cumbersome preparation for colonoscopy is made simple and almost effortless!!!

Dr. Paul M. Choi of the Los Angeles Endoscopy Center who served as the consultant for the development of this app notes that “The bowel preparation is perhaps the single most important step in attaining an ideal colon cancer screening. We believe that this app will facilitate the cumbersome and intricate steps necessary to optimally prepare the bowel so that everyone can achieve the best possible colonoscopy examination. We are extremely pleased to be able to provide this app also for our Spanish speaking audience”

Everyone over the age of 50 is currently recommended to undergo this important examination due to the high incidence of colon cancer, and effectiveness of colonoscopy screenings in preventing colon cancer-related death. Although millions undergo colonoscopy to detect colon cancer in the U.S., every year there are still up to 6 million individuals who do not elect to have this potentially life-saving examination. In fact,nearly twice as many still die annually from this preventable colon cancer in the U.S. compared to motor vehicle accidents.

In real life, many often delay this important colonoscopy test due to the difficult, but necessary bowel preparation. In preparing for colonoscopy, there are many required steps that one has to follow including avoiding certain food, remembering to fast before the examination, and determining when to take bowel cleansing medications at various time intervals. In fact, these steps can often be confusing and difficult to remember. Unfortunately, when these steps are not carefully followed, the bowel is likely to be inadequately prepared, making it difficult for the performing physician to provide accurate examination. In fact, it is not uncommon to repeat this arduous examination process, simply because the bowel prep was “inadequate.”It is also essential to be aware of which medications may need to be held or dosage adjusted,before and after the colonoscopy. Finally, it is crucial to be aware of important potential adverse effects that may develop and for which symptoms the users should promptly consult their physician.

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Jane Lee, Director of Public Relations
Los Angeles, California

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