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Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- A colonoscopy is used to explore the colon for possible medical conditions; a colonoscopy is often the first step in screening for colon cancer. A colonoscopy involves the insertion of a long tube into the patient’s rectum. At the tip of the tube a camera is mounted and used to view the inside of the patient’s colon.

During a colonoscopy, it is not uncommon to find abnormal tissue or even a polyp. These are typically removed during the colonoscopy. Sometimes the doctor will simply take a tissue sample and send it to a medical lab to be analyzed. This analysis determines whether or not the tissue should be surgically removed.

How Do You Prepare?

There are certain steps one must take in order to prepare for a colonoscopy. There cannot be any liquid or solid waste present in the colon when the colonoscopy is performed because these elements could interfere with the doctor’s view of the rectal lining and the colon itself.

The most critical time leading up to a colonoscopy is the day before it is scheduled to take place. There are several things people are generally asked to do within 24 hours prior to having a colonoscopy.

First of all, anyone that is on either medication’s containing iron or iron pills themselves must stop taking those medications five days before their colonoscopy is scheduled to be performed. Patients will often be prescribed laxatives or even enemas before their colonoscopy. While taking the laxatives, patients are urged to remain near a bathroom. For the entire day before the procedure takes place, the patient is not to eat solid foods or drink opaque liquids. They are only permitted to drink liquids that are both non-alcoholic and clear. Some of the liquids that can be consumed include water, black coffee or tea. Juices can only be consumed if they do not contain pulp. Patients are permitted to eat soft foods such as Jello, but red Jello must be avoided. This is because red liquids in the colon can sometimes look like blood.

During this period of time prior to the colonoscopy, one may have to use the bathroom frequently as a result of the laxatives. When the day of the exam arrives, patients are not permitted to eat anything before hand. Diabetics should always consult with their doctor before they quit eating.

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