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Innovative Color Sensors from EMX Industries Produce Greater Quality and Consistency

ColorMax Color Sensors Deliver Exceptional Results


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- EMX Industries, Inc., produces innovative color sensors which provide manufacturers across a wide range of industries the utmost in quality, consistency and control. This includes their industry-leading Color-Max 1000 series, as well as the ColorMax VIEW for translucent color verification.

The ColorMax-1000 is a robust color sensor for automated applications. It verifies the presence of targets which can be differentiated by color in less time - two to five times faster speed in sample tests - and with far greater control.

This tight control is an invaluable tool for providing increased quality standards and consistency, and is achieved through the types of readings provided by the sensor. While traditional color sensors offer only match/no-match conditions, the ColorMax-1000 offers much more.

The ColorMax-1000 provides analog RGB values and readings, enabling stringent and consistent control. Sophisticated algorithms are also utilized to ignore luster, while rejecting the influences of ambient light.

Now, machines and operators can see not only color, but how much color. Mistakes are easily found and corrected, and perfect consistency can be easily achieved. The ColorMax series offers industry-leading specs of .5% color variation and a 20kHZ switching frequency.

Another fantastic capability of the ColorMax-1000 sensor is that it can be programmed to store and recognize up to 15 colors. This enables manufacturers to reduce the number of sensors being used, and to eliminate reprogramming when setups are changed.

With PC-based configuration and control, it's easy to work with, and unauthorized changes can be locked out. The ColorMax-1000 also comes with additional specifications and standards. It's the only color sensor in an M30 package, and it offers the highest resolution and repeatability specifications in the industry.

The ColorMax-1000 series includes 16 individual models. They vary in terms of spot size, from 4 to 25 mm; color channels, from 1 to 15; and operating range, from a maximum of 50 to 150 mm; as well as several different options including RGB analog output and serial data output.

Ultimately, the ColorMax-1000 series is an innovative solution to impart the highest and most consistent quality standards, at a fraction of the time and cost of manual or visual checks, or less capable and diverse automated sensors.

The ColorMax family also includes the ColorMax VIEW, a translucent color verification sensor designed to provide high-speed, on-line color verification of translucent packaging containers used in industries including pharmaceutical, food, beverage and personal care.

It can be used with glass containers, plastic bottles, translucent films and more, and it will hold up to the rugged demands of industrial environments. The sensor eliminates defects by establishing pass/fail criteria for color characteristics, and is easy to setup, manage and monitor.

Real-time quality control is offered, and efficiency and cost are both improved through serial data output which allows external systems to measure color and optimize the concentration of colorant. RGB analog output channels enable external level monitoring.

The ColorMax VIEW also offers exclusive M30 housing, adjustable, quick bracket configuration, and convenient PC-based software which can also be used to lock out the operator from changing settings.

Both the ColorMax-1000 and the ColorMax VIEW are unique, invaluable quality solutions. Clearly, EMX has gained its reputation as a worldwide leader and innovator for specialty sensors and process automation controls with great reason.

A variety of different industrial color sensors are also available, including sensors for luminescence, color mark, brightness, contrast, and opacity, as well as tin side detectors, label sensors, photoelectric sensors and proximity sensors. Additionally, EMX produces dozens of industry-leading access controls. This includes photoeyes sensors, vehicle loop detectors, locks, probe sensors and timers, as well as radio and solar powered controls.

To learn more about the amazing quality offered by ColorMax color sensors from EMX, and the rest of the innovative product line, call 216.518.9888 today. Prospective clients may also visit EMXInc.com, where the full range of products is available, as well as manuals, case studies and real life applications,and a pricing quote request form.

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EMX Industries, Inc., designs and manufactures industrial sensors and access controls for a variety of industries and applications. Established in 1987 and located in Cleveland, Ohio, EMX is a global leader for access control products for the security, fence and gating, door operating and parking markets, as well as factory and process automation sensors for automotive, packaging and labeling, metal stamping, paper and wood processing, plastics, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. EMX is ISO 9001 certified. More information on their high quality products can be found at EMXInc.com, or by calling the team directly at 216.518.9888.