Colorado Case and Cabinet Announces New Products

Fine wood crafting and luxurious finishes make handmade pieces a treasure to give and receive


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Renowned wooden furnishing creators Colorado Case and Cabinet are happy to announce the launch of a new line of bread boards and cutting boards to their online catalogue. The site features high-res galleries of their handcrafted furnishings and gifts for the home. A full lineup of bread boards and cutting boards will be joining their selection of beautifully handcrafted wooden book stands, blanket cradles, music stands and lap desks. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted by business owner and master craftsman Red to reflect the legacy of woodworking skill he’s learned and taught throughout the Southwest and Mexico over the decades and to display the natural beauty of the handpicked woods he uses for each piece.

Specifically, Red’s work is inspired by the display of pride in craftsmanship reflected in antique wood furnishings and accessories from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The woodworking ability, detail, and high quality finishes in work of that era is an inspiration to Red as he applies similar methods of craftsmanship to his own line of pieces. Red says, “I try to capture that same spirit in my designs and individual pieces. When creating these pieces I use the finest, most beautiful woods available, whether its Texas mesquite, walnut or pecan, or woods form around the world such as mahogany or oak.”

Each piece undergoes a long, detailed forming and finishing process. First, the pores of the wood are meticulously filled to provide an even, smooth surface for sanding. Once the sanding is complete, the staining process begins. The piece will be stained and rubbed, the process repeated until the desired depth and color is achieved. This may require several steps until complete. Once the piece is dry and no further stain is needed, the finish is applied. The finish is then sanded with pumice, steel wool and sand papers of various grits. After each sanding a new layer of finish is applied. The results range from matte to gloss finishes, depending on the type of wood used. To learn more about the process, Red’s history in woodworking and inspiration, and to view a gallery of the fine, handcrafted pieces available, visit the Colorado Case and Cabinet website at

Colorado Case and Cabinet:
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