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Colorado Springs Orthodontist Announces Unique Reward Program for Patients

Skelton Orthodontics, PLLC believes in contributing to the overall success of all their young patients


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- One of the most difficult tasks to face most of the nation's orthodontists is how to best ensure their younger patients cooperate with their provided instructions that can prove to be instrumental in the success of their own treatment. Many times, children are so young when they begin orthodontic treatment that they've yet to develop the necessary self-discipline to remember to brush their teeth appropriately, change their rubber bands, wear night braces, etc. The most successful orthodontists are those able to develop ways to elicit and encourage the cooperation of their younger patients. It is to this end, therefore, that Sketlon Orthodontics, PLLC, ( is pleased to announce their new patients rewards program. Patients earn points for completing various tasks related to their treatment and oral hygiene as well as for other positive performances such as making good grades, performing community service projects, etc.

According to Thomas E. Skelton, DDS, MS, owner of Skelton Orthodontics, PLCC, "It is both difficult and of great importance to ensure the cooperation and commitment of our young patients in order for them to achieve the best and longest lasting results possible from their orthodontic care," he said recently. "Here at Skelton Orthodontics, we spend two or three years on average, with each of our patients, and by the end of that time, we feel we know them well, and the entire staff feels a sense of vested interest in not only their orthodontics, but also in them as people. It is for this reason that we have developed our Smile Commander Rewards program. In addition to helping kids get the best results possible from their treatment, it is also our goal to help them learn necessary skills for adult life such as review writing, social media use, and also, to assist them in making a positive contribution to their communities." The program has thus far been a considerable success, and has drawn the praise of both young patients and their parents alike.

The Smile Commander Rewards program works with the aid of a card that tracks the accumulation of points that are rewarded per a predetermined point schedule for such achievements as meeting provided oral hygiene goals, being on time for appointments, producing an exceptional grade report, working towards the accomplishment of community service goals, etc. When an established number of points have been achieved, kids may redeem them for sought after rewards such as toys, books, T-shirts, gift cards, electronics, and even iPods. If they prefer, they may use their points to participate in contests for the opportunity to win additional prizes. Goals are set in the spirit of fun and friendly competition for the purpose of encouraging kids in their development of essential life skills.

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Skelton Orthodontics, PLCC is the Colorado Springs, CO area's top provider of braces and orthodontic care. Parents appreciate the practice's recognition of the value of their time as is evidenced via minimal wait times, and kids enjoy the opportunity to participate in the practice's unique rewards program that rewards them not only for being involved in their own oral care, but also for the practice additional socially responsible behaviors, as well.