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Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2022 -- Colorado Springs patio furniture and Colorado outdoor furniture can transform an outdoor living area, and there are many considerations to be weighed before making a purchase, as it is likely that the furniture will be a fixture on the patio or porch for many years to come. Whilst style and appearance are undoubtedly high on the list when scanning through a website or magazine, ultimately perhaps the single most important aspect is comfort. Before investing in a patio set, it is important to sit in the chairs, to check that the height of the furniture is right, that it feels comfortable, and that you can imagine the patio furniture in your own space. Customers are invited to see the latest selection of high-quality patio furniture and patio accessories at the Western Outdoor Living showroom in Colorado Springs. Larger sectionals may be perfect for a wide patio area, whereas modular patio furniture which can be arranged in many different configurations may be better for a small or narrow space, as well as for a family who likes to be able to change the layout of their furniture, perhaps with one configuration for family dining and relaxing, then another alignment for entertaining. The amount of maintenance required should also be taken into account, with some materials, like wrought iron for instance, being virtually maintenance-free. Natural stone table tops however require sealing to keep them in tip-top form and the homeowner should be aware of the time and monetary commitment which will be required to protect the furniture as the seasons change. Some furniture may also require indoor storage over the winter months, this not only carries the requirement for having the space to store the furniture, it can also be a logistically challenging and strenuous exercise to move the furniture back and forth. Budget is another consideration, and it should be remembered that the patio area makeover may include accessories and additional costs as well as the patio table and chairs. These could include lighting, an outdoor rug, ottomans, side tables, additional plants, stepping stones, a fire pit, garden ornaments, and even an upgrade to a built in outdoor grill or cart grill.

Western Outdoor Living showcases an extensive range of grills and fire pits so the entire patio space project can be seen holistically. The grills feature modern design features which make the cooking experience more consistent and predictable. Cast stainless steel burners are durable, whilst the electronic push-to-light hot surface ignition capability ensures that the grill will light even when the weather is inclement. Wood chip smokers, rotisserie burners, and excellent heat convection, aided by a double-walled teardrop seamless barbecue hood, all give cooks plenty of scope to develop their skills and become the home's resident grillmaster. The Fire Magic Echelon Series, as well as the Fire Magic Aurora Series and the Fire Magic Legacy Series each, have their own unique features, so there are models suited to beginners and chefs alike.

For homeowners who have a swimming pool, sling patio furniture is a popular choice as it dries quickly, perfect for a patio area surrounding a pool. The fabrics used in sling furniture are also typically highly resistant to UV light, so they hold their color through the Colorado summer. Over time, if the aesthetic of the patio area changes, an investment in replacement slings is an economical alternative to buying an entirely new set of patio furniture. Sling patio furniture is also a popular choice for its comfort and convenience, being easy to clean and easy to stack.

Other popular additions to the patio include fire pits in Colorado Springs, they add an exciting focal point to the backyard, a modern twist on the familiar campfire setting. Patio furniture is available in a variety of materials, designs, and budgets, with looks ranging from traditional to contemporary, all of the highest quality, designed to be durable and withstand the fickle Colorado climate.

To find solutions for all the patio upgrades in one place, patio furniture, fire pits, and barbecue grills can be browsed online or at the Colorado Springs showroom.

Colorado Patio furniture is showcased alongside a wide selection of built-in grills, Colorado Springs barbecue grills, and Colorado Springs fire pits, bringing together multiple elements of the patio and patio accessories together in one place. From a wrought iron patio set of a table and chairs to the latest in Fire Magic built-in outdoor grill technology including wood chip smokers and halogen lights inside the barbecue hood, Western Outdoor Living inspires new patio projects for the Colorado family that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

As one of the premier providers of patio accessories and patio furniture in Colorado Springs, Western Outdoor Living has experienced staff who can help find the products best suited to each home or business. The latest and finest patio products are stocked in their extensive showroom.

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