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Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2021 -- Colorado Springs patio furniture needs to withstand temperature fluctuations and bright sunshine with particularly high levels of UV light at altitude. When considering which type of patio furniture to buy, there are pros and cons for each. Apart from the aesthetics, there are practical considerations to take into account. If a backyard is exposed to gusty winds, then a heavier set of patio furniture would be a good choice, like wrought iron. Wrought iron patio furniture has been popular for decades and is extremely durable with the added advantage of needing minimal maintenance. A popular alternative type of Colorado outdoor furniture is sling patio furniture, although it is not best suited to gusty and exposed areas. The reason is that it tends to be lightweight and could be blown around or toppled over if subjected to high winds. This disadvantage in some locations is very much an advantage in others, being able to move lightweight furniture around easily is a positive selling point for many.

Yards with pools or areas which are particularly damp are potentially very well suited to sling furniture. In addition to being able to move the chairs and loungers around easily, the fabric is water permeable which means water does not pool on the chairs and they dry quickly, perfect for avoiding soggy stained furniture and mildew. Available in vibrant as well as neutral colors, the furniture is typically also easy to stack if it is being stored over the wintertime. Slings and the furniture frames can be washed down with a mixture of mild soap and water making them simple and easy to maintain. Durability is another pro for sling furniture as the frames are designed to not bend, buckle or get damaged easily. Sling material can be switched out for a different look but is expected to last several years as it is resistant to tearing and snagging. Unlike wrought iron patio furniture or often traditional teak patio furniture, the seats are comfortable without the need for cushions which makes the logistics of relaxing and entertaining easier. Several designs of sling patio furniture can be viewed at the Colorado Springs showroom of Western Outdoor Living, premier providers of high-quality outdoor furniture as well as other patio products like built-in outdoor grills, cart grills, fire pits, and even entire outdoor kitchens. The sling patio furniture showcased is by respected manufacturers like Woodard, Gloster, and Homecrest.

Other popular additions to the patio include fire pits in Colorado Springs, Gas fires are designed to be smaller than wood-burning fires and safety should always be the primary concern. Fire pits do not suit exposed and windy locations as the fire may 'jump' out of the pit and a wind or strong breeze can direct the heat and fire onto components of the fire pit which were not designed to withstand that high temperature. This could cause components of the pit to be damaged or to fail. Outdoor gas fireplaces are a good alternative for exposed locations. The structure around the burner and valve within the outdoor fire pit requires adequate ventilation and the fire pits sold by Western Outdoor Living are not approved to be installed into any additional structure.

To find solutions for all the patio upgrades in one place, patio furniture, fire pits, and barbecue grills can be browsed online or at the Colorado Springs showroom.

Colorado Patio furniture is showcased alongside a wide selection of built-in grills, Colorado Springs barbecue grills, and fire pits, bringing together multiple elements of the patio and patio accessories together in one place. From a wrought iron patio set of a table and chairs to the latest in Fire Magic built-in outdoor grill technology including wood chip smokers and halogen lights inside the barbecue hood, Western Outdoor Living inspires new patio projects for the Colorado family that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

As one of the premier providers of patio accessories and patio furniture in Colorado Springs, Western Outdoor Living has experienced staff who can help find the products best suited to each home or business. The latest and finest patio products are stocked in their extensive showroom.

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