Colorado Clear Braces Unveils $250 Discount on Invisalign

Discount makes it easier for patients to get started with the Invisalign teeth straightening system, reports Colorado Clear Braces


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Colorado Clear Braces today announced a $250 off special on Invisalign teeth straightening, which includes a free consultation. This will make it easier for new patients to see if they're candidates for Invisalign and to get started with this popular teeth-straightening system.

"Many people have questions about Invisalign that need to be answered before they come in," said David Hunter of Colorado Clear Braces. "Therefore, we've put up an informational page about the system at Here, it's easy for people to learn about the things that usually don't make it into the ads. One such fact is that a retainer is used after the main treatment completes. It serves the same purpose with Invisalign as it does with other types of braces: to keep the teeth in their new positions until they are fully 'set.'"

The next fact is very attractive to most users; Invisalign teeth straighteners can be removed for eating and drinking. This makes the experience far more comfortable, explains Hunter. From a dental standpoint, the removal of the straighteners is good because it keeps food from being trapped in and around the appliance. Users need only remove it to eat, brush their teeth afterwards, and then put the appliance back on.

"It is important to note that the Invisalign system can't stay off of the teeth for too long," Hunter cautioned. "It needs to be on most of the day and night in order to have a chance to work. Therefore, people who like to chew on things all day will need to make a choice: Either restrict chewing to only a few parts of each day, or use a different teeth straightening system. Invisalign can't handle chewing forces, so gum chewing, snacking, and other such habits will need to go if it is used."

For the vast majority of patients, Hunter says Invisalign treatment is the perfect solution to the desire to have straight teeth without the "metal mouth" look of braces. The clear aligners are also more comfortable since they don't have any wires to poke into the mouth or any metal attachments to dig into the cheeks and inner lip. Even so, a consultation is needed to assess suitability and to see just how the Invisalign appliances will need to be made to get the job done.

Therefore, the consultation is one of the first things to be mentioned at

Cost is always a consideration, and this is one of the reasons Colorado Clear Braces offers one, Hunter says. "It can make it easier for patients who have been on the fence to go ahead and get the straightening they've always wanted. Not only that, everyone likes to save money, so offering a discount is a good way to get people smiling even before treatment has begun."

About Colorado Clear Braces
Colorado Clear Braces specializes in providing Invisalign treatment to patients seeking a clear teeth straightening solution. It occasionally runs specials and offers free consultations to help patients get started on attaining the perfect smile.