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Colorworld: An Audio Book/illustrated Novel Series Like No Other


Williston, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2014 -- Rachel and Brad Kelly of Williston, N.D., have teamed up to produce a truly unique illustrated novel/audio book series. Superhero, apocalyptic, romance, and urban fantasy – all rolled into one.

The seven-book series, called Colorworld, is a fascinating experience for ages 16 and up.

Colorworld features Wendy, a 19-year-old girl burdened with taking care of her younger brother. She uncovers a shocking ability: now she can no longer safely touch people. Forced to separate herself from those she cares about to protect them, she searches desperately for answers. “It’s a brand new Rogue (X-men) origin story that transforms into something completely unexpected,” explained Brad Kelly, who is directing the business component of Colorworld. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

His wife, Rachel, is the author and she explains why Wendy’s story has the power to reach into the heart of humanity and resonate universally.

“Every kid, at one time or another, wants to be a superhero,” she said. “This demonstrates something about humanity. Each of us has a fundamental and universal belief that we have more in us than we realize.

“Kids love exploring that concept. That’s why they love superheroes. Colorworld is about finding out where that power comes from and accessing it.

“We, as adults, have forgotten something that our kids intrinsically know: that anything is possible. We believe that the Colorworld will make you believe that again.”

The first two books, Colorworld and Teleworld, are available on Kindle and in print. Book 3, Lumaworld, is scheduled for a November 2014 release. While all novels are set to be published as traditional novels, The Kellys’ goal is to produce illustrated editions of all seven books as well as audio books.

That’s going to cost $20,000. In order to generate this start-up capital, Brad and Rachel have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

The Kickstarter page includes many sample color illustrations already produced for Book 1 as well as Book 2.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $15 pledge, backers will receive digital copies of the first three books. A $65 contribution fetches the Book 1 audio book plus digital copies of all three books.

Larger donations are rewarded with T-shirts, posters and hardcover versions of the books. Maximum contributions win backers a place as real characters in later books in the series.

About Colorworld
“Colorworld is more than just a story,” Brad said. “It's an idea. We honestly and sincerely feel that the series will make you think. It is meant to jar you. In the end, the Colorworld will rekindle that hope in humankind that you might have lost.”

For additional information, visit; the Colorworld website,; or the Colorworld Facebook page,

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