Columbia Pest Control Announces Beginning of Yellow Jacket Season


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Columbia Pest Control, a Portland pest control company, has recently announced an early start to yellow jacket season in most areas of Oregon.

Yellow jackets are a type of social wasp which is found in abundance in the Western United States, and are one of the most aggressive types of wasps. Every spring the Queen emerges to feed and build a new nest, however due to local weather conditions most Queens have already emerged as season began early this year.

In an effort to relieve residents from the potential harmful pests, Columbia Pest Control has started preparing early for the Yellow Jacket season. In addition, the company is also making the public aware of the early season in order to help people prepare their homes and yard.

Columbia Pest Control now offers the most up to date environmentally safe Yellow Jacket pest control services. High quality eco safe chemicals are used when exterminating these pests, in order to ensure the customers family, home, pets and plants are not harmed. In addition the company offers safe removal is for small animals and rodents to ensure the animals are not harmed. The company has a strong reputation within their community as the top pest control company in the area, and is now focusing on the environmentally friendly aspect of the business. Safety and health are Columbia Pest Control’s top priorities.

According to Columbia Pest Control, other common pest problems include, but are not limited to fleas, bedbugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, bees, wasps, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, fruit flies, spiders, squirrels and skunks.

Columbia Pest Control is a leader within their industry and their community in Portland, Oregon and the company boasts an extensive client list which includes warehouses, schools, restaurants, income properties, nursing homes, hospitals, manufacturing plants and literally thousands of residential homes.

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