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Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- When one needs fast, dependable and environmentally safe pest control for a business or residence, then Columbia Pest Control offers the best pest control services since 1989. Offering complete eradication services and effective maintenance plans, Columbia Pest Control provides high quality services at low, affordable rates for pest control Portland residents can rely upon.

No matter the pest infestation, Columbia Pest Control will rid the home or business of insects and rodents in safe, effective manner. They provide honest, experienced service to handle the toughest pest control problems. Their teams of professions are there to serve your needs today with effective, environmentally safe pest control measures that meet the highest standards.

The licensed technicians at Columbia Pest Control are all highly trained, bonded and insured for both pest control and related repair work. Their staff attends seminars and additional training sessions to stay current with all pest removal methods, uses the latest and best equipment and provides safety first in regards to the use of pest control and management.

They also serve a broad range of both residential, commercial and property management businesses. Columbia Pest Control works closely with the local real estate industry in taking care of wood destroying insects and organisms. A home or business may have a serious pest infestation problem that is still hidden inside the walls and floors of your building. This Portland pest control company can perform a complete, full inspection to locate pests that might be damaging the structure of your building right now.

Their fully licensed professionals will conduct a discreet inspection, checking property and informing one of the results.

They understand the concerns about insecticides and poisons that can affect the health of the people inside your home or business. That is why they use Eco Safe pest control to insure that only the insects and rodents are affected by their services. As one of their employee professionals states “We want to assure you that our services are designed for the quick, safe elimination of pests with no harm coming to the residences of your building. Our reputation is built on the service we have provided in the past as well as what we do for our customers today.”

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Columbia Pest Control has offered fast, dependable, and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout the greater Portland, OR area for over 30 years.

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