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Columbia Pest Control Announces Safe and Humane Removal of Squirrels in Portland, Oregon Area

Squirrels pose a real threat to property value in the Northwest and pest removal experts Columbia Pest Control offer a quick, human and safe solution to the problem.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Many home and business owners have misconceptions about how dangerous squirrels can be to their property if left unchecked. Far from being harmless visitors they pose a serious risk of danger and expenses that can be astronomical according to the Portland based pest removal professionals Columbia Pest Control.

“Even one squirrel can cause a huge amount of damage,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We just saw a news report from April 1st where a squirrel managed to cause roughly $300,000 in damages to a new Fort Wayne, Indiana community center that was scheduled to open in June.

The small rodent was able to gain access to the electrical system of the athletics complex at McMillen Park on April 1st and caused a power surge that destroyed the new HVAC systems as well as damage to the boiler system. We hear about this kind of thing all the time and in many cases if a call to a pest control company were made at the first sign of trouble the damage could have been avoided.”

Columbia Pest Control prides themselves not only in being experts at removing squirrels, but also in removing them in a way that's both safe and humane. They have extensive experience in removing all three of the squirrel species that are common in the Northwest: tree squirrels, flying squirrels and ground squirrels along with other related pests.

Some of the most common trouble areas to find squirrels include attics (where they are often first noticed by their scratching and chewing noises), on the roof, making dens on the property, or even inside where chewed wires and other damage can show their trail.

The company receives consistent positive, enthusiastic feedback from their work removing pests in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area and beyond.

Emily G., a homeowner in Portland said in a review, “I had a squirrel issue that there was no way I could take care of. They were living on my roof and in my chimney too. I liked that Columbia Pest Control makes a point of saying how they handle the squirrels humanely, which is very important to me. It was really affordable, the service person was friendly and my squirrel problem is gone. Fully recommended.”

In addition to the Portland and the surrounding counties in Oregon, the company also services the Vancouver, Washington metropolitan area.

For more information on Columbia Pest Control and to see how they remove squirrels humanely and safely in a home or place of business, visit their website –, email or call 503-254-1606 to speak to one of their pest control experts.

About Columbia Pest Control, Inc. (
Columbia Pest Control Inc. provides pest control, extermination and maintenance services. The company was established in 1989 by Mike Giskaas, who serves the company as its President, with Columbia Pest Control being headquartered in Portland, OR.

The company offers fast, dependable, and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Columbia Pest Control is a community leader in the pest control industry and prides itself on having some of the best experienced, licensed technicians who can handle the toughest problems in pest control.

Columbia Pest Control provides unparalleled customer service and wants to continue to foster strong relationships with its customers and the community.

To see how Columbia Pest Control can provide pest control and maintenance services in a home or place of business safely, visit their website – or call the team on 503-254-1606.

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