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Columbus Businesses Join Forces for Local Design and Manufacturing of AriesGate


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- AriesGate has partnered with Todd Perkins Design to bring to market a new tailgate. The partnership between AriesGate and Todd Perkins Design is the formalization of a working relationship that was developed over several years of research and development. The strategic partnership between these two companies allows each to focus on their strengths while utilizing local resources to grow each of their companies.

AriesGate Founder, Greg Solt said, “Working with Todd is a pleasure. Todd Perkins Design has brought a depth of engineering knowledge and mechanical design to the project that is above and beyond our expectations. Todd has been able to take our original concept and turn it into something that is, not only easy to adapt and change, but extremely efficient to manufacture.”

Designer Todd Perkins said, “I love translating the creative genius that an entrepreneur has brewing in their mind. The experience is doubly rewarding for me when I get to work on one of those Apple-esque ideas. A product that has the potential to transform some ordinary aspect of life into a mufti-dimensional experience; this is what I see with AriesGate.” When asked about the creative process, Todd added, “As Greg expresses his vision to me, I am mentally sifting through prototyping, beta testing, production, and retail sales. Ultimately, we want customers to snap in a loaded insert frame onto AriesGate, thinking, ‘How did I ever live without this?’ From there I enter my "CAD workshop" and try to paint a picture for the rest of the world to see and understand.”

Working with local companies is a priority for the AriesGate Founder and veteran. Greg also said, “We want as many parts of the process to be, not just ‘Made in America’, but made here in Columbus. In addition to working with Todd, we will be manufacturing the product locally with Buckeye Metal Works.” AriesGate can now offer custom inserts for the modular tailgate system with the design expertise and creativity of Todd Perkins Designs. These two Columbus, Ohio entrepreneurs are innovating and keeping business local.

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About AriesGate
AriesGate is a modular tailgate system that was designed and is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by US Army Veteran, Greg Solt, the patent-pending tailgate is a platform to allow truck owners and commercial fleets to user their utility vehicle for a variety of applications, from sports tailgating to emergency response. To learn more about AriesGate, visit

About Todd Perkins Design
Todd Perkins Design (TPD) is an industrial design boutique based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by entrepreneur and designer Todd Perkins, TPD’s mission is to un-Earth and explore the incredible potential of human existence, and to proactively participate in steering the course of our society towards greater purpose. We do this through design. To learn more about Todd Perkins Design, visit