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Columbus Homes in Tire Need of Professional Mold Remediation


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Columbus homes have recorded one of the highest counts of mold growth in the year 2012. In spite of continued awareness programs, not much improvement has been recorded by the Mold Testing Columbus team. Most residents still resort to use home remedies in order to remediate mold growth.

The Mold Testing Columbus team has clearly stated time and again that home remedies do not help in eradicating the growth of mold. Rather, trying to cleanup molds without professional help only aids the molds in spreading further around the house. Molds are air borne and freely fly around the atmosphere until it finds moisture-laden places to settle on. By disturbing the peace of the mold colony, the residents are only further spreading the mold around the house without actually killing them.

It is highly recommended that Columbus homes should get their homes mold tested by mold inspectors at least once a year. Molds are often invisible to the naked eye. Visibility occurs only at the final stage and by that time damage will already be done. Even when molds have reached its final stage and are visible to the human eye, quite often the location of the molds is not visible to the human eye. Areas within the wall, attic, crawlspace, etc provide an ideal location for the molds to flourish. Such corner areas retain high moisture and are not often disturbed by human beings. Hence, molds flourish in peace.

Of all factors affecting the growth of molds, moisture is the prime cause. Without moisture even with the favorable temperature and all, molds will never grow. The plumbing in and around the house, the kitchen and bathroom sinks, leaking roof or ceiling, etc should always be checked carefully. Such factors are often the cause of unchecked mold growth in most of the Columbus homes. To get further information on mold testing in Columbus please discover more here.

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