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Columbus immigrant lawyer Jonathan Bartell uses news on the recent arrest of President Obama's Kenyan uncle to explain how his law firm helps immigrants with their immigration and criminal issues.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2011 -- The news about an Aug. 24 arrest of President Barack Obama's non-citizen uncle is a prime example of the types of cases Columbus immigrant lawyer Jonathan A. Bartell handles.

A half-brother of President Barack Obama's father, who was allegedly driving under the influence in Framingham, Massachusetts, is in the U.S. illegally after previously being ordered removed from the country, according to accounts that also state he is going through the immigration process.

Meanwhile, the prior deportation order was reinstated for the Kenyan uncle who is being detained at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"You take a guy like that and you would have to evaluate each case on a case-by-case basis to determine if he has any relief," said Bartell, a white collar criminal defense attorney. "We would file a motion to reopen the old case then determine whether or not his circumstances changed since he was ordered deported."

Bartell said although he's unfamiliar with the details of that particular case, he wants people to know that deportable offenses include drunken driving, drug possession, theft, domestic violence, identity theft, and giving false information on immigration documents.

A conviction or guilty plea to a low-level felony and some misdemeanors may result in being ordered removed by an immigration judge, but removal can be prevented or delayed with good legal counsel.

Bartell's law firm deals with immigration problems, the lengthy removal process, and criminal issues that individuals may undergo when the U.S. is not their native country.

A citizenship attorney, Bartell said someone can declare asylum as a refugee if it is proven that he or she will be persecuted for political reasons, race, religion or nationality like President Obama's Kenyan aunt, who also lives in Massachusetts. She was granted asylum last year by a Boston judge and is going through the citizenship process.

"You need an experienced immigration attorney at your side in immigration court," said Bartell, a criminal defense lawyer.

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