COM VAN PHONG- a Treat for the Foodies

popular delicacy that offers a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Vietnam is a very popular name for a small country, and it is so, primarily because of wrong reasons. It has had a troubled history, but apart from that, Vietnam is also home to some of the fantastic tastes in the world. Vietnamese food is believed to be one of the healthiest, and has great popularity of the world. Among the admirers, a large chunk is of the non-vegetarian kind, as it constitutes of a large amount of meat and other non-veg delicacies. Vietnamese food is of a different variety altogether, and has the influence of Mongolian and Chinese cooking. The variety of the dishes offered is absolutely incredible, and the nutrition contained is an added bonus. A lot of the dishes are served with the Asian staple diet which is rice, and it suits the cuisine well, as the food can often be very spicy. Com van Phong is a famous constituent of this cuisine, and is a favorite of a majority of the cuisine’s admirers. The concept of allowing things to settle down, and a slow, and patience filled approach towards cooking, has made Vietnamese food what it is today.

The cuisine generally is a delicious combination of vegetarian elements and non-vegetarian savories. A lot of vegetables and salads form an integral part of the diet, and this is always coupled with a basic non-vegetarian dish. Red meat like beef is used in abundance and coupled with a variety of sauces to add to the taste. The cuisine makes extensive usage of soya sauce, as it has proven to be a popular choice among the commoners. The food on offer in Vietnam, or in any other restaurant serving genuine Vietnamese cuisine, offers tender meat, and a well-balanced taste in which no flavor dominates the other. Com Van Phong is a popular delicacy that offers a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors, with the consumer getting to make the choice. The central ingredient is rice, and is coupled with either non-veg or vegetarian sides, which add to the taste and deliver a unique flavor that is very popular among the masses. The popular dish comes in a lot of varieties, such as com van phong ngon, which are distinguished by the add-ons served with rice.

The cuisine is a fantastic option for those, who are not looking for something over the top, but still wanting a balanced taste. The cuisine also has a lot of options for the vegetarian folks out there, and options like assorted mixtures, blended with a sauce of choice, are a hot favorite. The food in Vietnam is now making a mark globally, and like the Chinese and Thai cuisine, is making it to the bigger stage. Restaurants and food chains are even offering online services, with the consumers getting a number of options to choose from, and it is operations and initiatives like this, which are sure to rate the cuisine as one of the top in the world.

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