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Combat Commercial Bribery, Blog Writes How-To

Engaging in commercial bribery can expose a business to criminal prosecution as well as affect reputation and financial performance. presents steps businesses can take to protect themselves from commercial bribery.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- The FCPA outlines certain commercial bribery activities that can expose a business to criminal prosecution and other problems. Businesses can protect their interests and reputation from the negative effects of commercial bribery by employing effective business intelligence measures.

Business intelligence allows the business to stay safe when confronted with commercial bribery. By doing the required legwork, businesses can discover legal opportunities and institutional aids available to them that can help them protect themselves from commercial bribery.

It is possible to do business legitimately and make significant profits even in corrupt environments by taking proper due diligence measures. Wise businesses always include anti-corruption steps as part of a comprehensive business intelligence strategy. Conducting investigations and due diligence on existing governments, protocols, business partners, employees and competing companies can make businesses make the correct strategic decisions when operating overseas.

"Commercial bribery can pose significant risks for businesses – many businesses are aware of the risks but poorly equipped to tackle corrupt systems prevailing in their operating markets. With proper due diligence measures, obscure business processes can be replaced with genuine, legitimate procedures that do not pose any risk to businesses," said a report collaborator.

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