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Combat Winter Allergies with an HVAC Update from Cooper Mechanical


Ottsville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2015 -- Recently, many homeowners in the Philadelphia area have found themselves succumbing to persistent respiratory symptoms like stuffy noses, aching sinuses and coughs that won't quit. These symptoms, which can last all winter long, may end up being accepted as par for the course.

However, Cooper Mechanical, the trusted HVAC expert known for top-notch heater repair in Bucks County, suggests that before taking another trip to the pharmacy, homeowners should have their HVAC system cleaned and serviced, since they may in fact be suffering from seasonal allergies.

Many homeowners are unaware than an unmaintained heating and cooling system is a potential culprit for their seasonal illnesses, but after decades of experience in the business, Cooper Mechanical's experts can testify to the effect that dirty filters and inefficient air circulation can have on respiratory health.

During the winter, indoor contaminants like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and household cleaning chemicals are more likely to stay stagnant within the atmosphere of the home, causing allergic reactions that resemble the symptoms of the common cold. Without an HVAC system that has been outfitted with proper ventilation and air purification, many homeowners needlessly endure these symptoms. However, Cooper Mechanical can help.

To combat winter allergies, homeowners can schedule a yearly maintenance agreement with Cooper Mechanical. As part of the maintenance schedule, Cooper will change filters and clean the system so that indoor contaminants are minimized. Just as important, homeowners with allergies should consult with Cooper about installing an air purification system so that they can breathe freer during the winter.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is also convenient because it addresses other issues, like the need for heating repair in Montgomery County, PA, before it becomes a problem. Homeowners who need their heating system updated can save $250 on a high efficiency heating unit with Cooper, now through December 31st.

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