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CombaTube Publishes the Best Martial Arts Videos


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- CombaTube is one of the best video websites, they post several videos regularly about martial arts. They bring martial arts videos from around the world to one platform and make sure that their viewers get the very best of the martial arts world conveniently on their website. They post countless martial arts videos of prestigious organizations like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which is the largest and pre-eminent mixed martial arts promotion company in the world featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport. They also post inspirational videos of different martial arts techniques/forms like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Jiu-Jitsu.

Not only that they post amazing martial arts videos but they also post other videos in their other categories. They currently have approx. 50+ categories right now. Some of them are Aikido, Ask Trainer, Bodybuilding, Bokator, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Combat Jiu-Jitsu / JuJutsu, Funny videos, Hapkido, Hooligans, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Kickboxing, Kicks And Punches, Kung Fu, MMA, Motivational, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Olympic Wrestling, Sambo, Self Defense, Streetfight, Sumo, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and WWE.

CombaTube's videos are not only heart throbbing but they are also very inspirational and informative. There are so many videos that teach different martial arts techniques. Especially the self-defense videos, there are so many videos on CombaTube that teach so many great techniques for successful self-defense. Learning some self-defense techniques is important for everyone these days especially for women but finding videos that teach good self-defense techniques in simple steps is hard to find. But CombaTubes videos explain the self-defense techniques in the simplest ways, so anyone can easily learn some good techniques from their videos.

Their currently trending videos include Blackbelt Kyokushin Karate vs Muay Thai; eskrima girl; Tai Chi 24-form; Why The Special Forces Train in Filipino Martial Arts FMA Kali, Arnis, Escrima; Hooligans Slovan & Brno vs. Trnava , Banik , Cheb( FIGHT); The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World 5; latest FAKE Shaolin monk Yi Long fight Sanda Vs Muay Thai; The Great fighter Taekwondo K1 Fighter; and How to Fight Like Jason Bourne with Jeff Imada.

As stated by CombaTube, "We bring the best of the best videos from around the world to inspire our audience. We aim to educate people about martial arts and the related categories, so we will continue to bring more exciting videos for our audience".

About CombaTube
CombaTube is a video websites that posts the very best videos of martial arts and other related categories. They currently have 50+ categories in which they have posted hundreds of exiting and inspiring videos.

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