Combination of Lipo-13 and Carbuloss Is a Powerful Weight Loss Solution Says


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 --, a website dedicated in reviewing natural weight-loss supplements available in the Netherlands, has recently performed its tests of the popular weight loss formula Lipo-13 and the carbohydrate blocker Carbuloss. The test results displayed that the combination of Lipo-13 and Carbuloss is very powerful and one of the best the team has ever witnessed.

The team behind, selected 3 voluntary test subjects – 2 females (Ages 29 & 32) and 1 male (Age 45). All three individuals were given a 4 week supply of Lipo-13 and Carbuloss and were instructed to take 1 capsule of Lipo-13 every morning and 1 capsule of Carbuloss every night. The team also instructed the 3 subjects to not change their lifestyle choices in the duration of the test such that the true potential of the weight-loss supplements could be revealed.

Every week the subjects were asked to visit the team to record all possible effects of the supplements. Even though in the first week there was little reduction in the weights of all 3 subjects, after the completion of the 4-week test all of them lost significant weight. The female aged 29 who was overweight lost 8.2 lbs, the female aged 32 who weighed slightly more than her ideal weight lost 3.4 lbs and the male aged 42 who was also had a heavy build lost 10 lbs.

The team informed that this is the best result they have seen so far, especially without any change in the daily routine. The team also observed that the combined formulas are more effective for people who are obese or borderline obese.

The results and the full review of Lipo-13 and Carbuloss have now been published on the website, and have already been viewed by many individuals seeking a reliable weight loss solution. The team suggests the combination of the two as both supplements perform separate tasks – Lipo-13 aiding in suppressing appetite, burning calories & fat, and reducing fat accumulation while Carbuloss stimulating the metabolism and blocking the carbohydrates.

About is one of the leading websites to provide comprehensive reviews of popular natural weight-loss supplements available in Netherlands. These reviews are based on personal tests that the editors of the site perform on voluntary people. Recently the website reviewed the natural weight loss formula Lipo-13 and the carbohydrate blocker Carbuloss.

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