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Combined Maui Wedding and Honeymoon Offer for a Great Time and Great Savings


Lahaina, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui has recently published an article that presents the advantages of combining a Maui destination wedding and honeymoon into one romantic getaway.

Royal Lahaina is a famed vacation spot that sits on one of the archipelago's friendliest beaches. The Resort first opened in the mid-60s, when builders and travel enthusiasts began to earnestly develop the island's potential as a tourism and nature destination; in the decades since, the Resort and its home town of Lahaina have welcomed many thousands of visitors of every stripe and temperament.

Family vacationers seeking child-friendly activities have been enchanted by the fine Kaanapali Beach, with a gradient so mild, and waters so calm, that parents would be hard pressed to find a better spot in the world to introduce their little ducklings to the joys of the ocean.

Thrill-seekers and energetic folk who are out to conquer the elements and inhabit the natural world to the fullest extent have also flocked to us; Royal Lahaina is close to some great snorkeling grounds, and the town of Lahaina is studded with piers and boat havens that can serve as the starting point for an enchanting ocean diving excursion. For those of the visitors who are well advanced in their transformation to mer-folk, there are even night-time dives, where they can swim among the light-shy creatures of the seas. Just be sure to bring the best camera!

“Last but not least, we have borne witness to a never-ending jubilee of matrimony and love. Maui being one of America's most desirable wedding and honeymoon destinations, one of the foci of our hospitality has been to help couples on a marriage or honeymoon trip have the best time of their lives; and if a Maui wedding is a fairy tale come true, and a honeymoon in Maui is a sojourn through heaven, then why not combine the two and launch your married life with shining memories without breaking the bank?”, said the spokesperson.

In the article, they talk about the advantages of holding a combined Maui wedding and honeymoon at Royal Lahaina. This solution can save a good deal of money, since the resort offers deals and specials for both events.

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