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Comcast XFINITY Home Security: Expensive and Problematic


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Customers of XFINITY Home security already know that this service is only available when bundled with a TV and Internet service package from Comcast. Potential customers still thinking about buying XFINITY's home security service should take a few moments to consider this: quality customer service is less than stellar for Comcast bundle subscribers. In fact a Yahoo Finance report has Comcast listed as being one of the Top 5 companies that are most disliked. This doesn’t argue well, especially when the security of a person's home is at stake.


When customers comb through security company reviews and customer ratings online, FrontPoint emerges as the company of preference time and time again. Yelp, a well-known online review site that has a reputation for upholding high company standards gave FrontPoint Security a top 5 star rating and the accolades don’t stop there. The New York Times referred to FrontPoint Security as, “the biggest up and coming player in the industry"


With the advent of wireless technology the days of calling in an electrician to install a hardwired security system are long gone. In fact most home security companies no longer charge any installation fee at all; but it turns out that XFINITY is an exception. Despite the fact that their system is wireless they seem to still be charging anywhere from $99 to $399 and often even more, depending on which package is chosen for installation. One can’t help but wonder what this is all about.

FrontPoint doesn’t charge a penny for installation. In fact all sensors are peel and stick. And for homeowners who never want to pick up a drill, indoor video cameras that simply sit on a convenient countertop or any well positioned bookshelf, can easily be chosen as part of the individualized home security package.


Both Comcast XFINITY and FrontPoint offer a 30 day trial period. FrontPoint's 30 day trial period is totally risk-free. If, for any reason, the customer wants to return the home security system they can do so at no extra charge. This includes the cost of shipping the equipment back to the company.

XFINITY has a proviso attached to its 30 day trial period. Apparently equipment must be returned “in good working order”. One of the reasons a client may wish to return equipment is that it didn’t actually arrive “in good working order”. Presumably this would have to be ironed out with the aforementioned customer service department.

It’s also interesting to note that the onus is on the customer to send the equipment back. If this equipment can so easily be uninstalled by the customer why were they charged an installation fee in the first place? XFINITY will however refund installation fees at the end of the 30 day trial period if necessary, so all is not lost.


Make sure you read all the fine print at the bottom of each page on the Comcast XFINITY website. If you do, you will see that the installation fee doesn’t simply end when you sign up for a home security package. Should you elect to add any extra equipment to your basic package, you will be charged an extra installation fee on each and every extra bit of equipment. Inevitably, most people do add a few extra window sensors and sometimes video cameras to accommodate the individualized security needs of their home and family. Best to find out exactly how much extra will be charged for each of these pricey items ahead of time, because the amount isn’t specified in that hard to read fine print!


Another selling point for FrontPoint Security is the fact that all their wireless equipment works with 100% cellular monitoring. This means that that there is no reliance on telephone, cable or internet wiring which is sometimes targeted by wily burglars and break-in artists. Comcast XFINITY relies on and requires subscription to a high-speed internet service. While it’s true that they do offer back-up cellular monitoring in the event of a power failure this is not their primary service delivery mode.


FrontPoint offers equipment and services that automatically guard a customer's home and family against intrusion as well as fire and environmental threats such as flooding and excess carbon monoxide gas. These safeguards are included with all FrontPoint monitoring plans.


Customers can get an instant quote or may ask any questions regarding the security of their home by an expert at FrontPoint Security here or by calling 866-363-2035.

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