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Come and See: Jesus Is Alive - Son Posthumously Releases Father's Book, Chronicling the Power Available to People Who Experience the Resurrected Christ

Diligently written by Robert H. Jackson and published to the world by his son Rob, ‘Come and See: Jesus is Alive’ challenges every Christian’s perceptions and urges them to recognize and embrace Jesus Christ’s resurrected power. While the author unexpectedly died from a heart attack, his son finished sharing their experiences and wisdom in the hope that fellow Christians will accept that Jesus has risen from the tomb and is transforming broken souls daily.


Dactur, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- For the last year of his life, Robert (Bob) H. Jackson worked tirelessly on a book that encompassed both his life and faith. However, the project was suddenly cut short after a fatal heart attack. Not wanting his work and wisdom to go unnoticed, Rob diligently edited his father’s work and is now releasing it to the world.

‘Come and See: Jesus is Alive’ fuses the author’s own bold wisdom with a very serious message for fellow Christians – Jesus has risen from the tomb, the Holy Spirit has been given, and yet far too many Christians live in their own power instead of the resurrected power available to all who believe.

Bob Jackson wanted Christians to take note from people who have met God and experienced His power to radically transform a fragmented human personality into something of incredible wholeness and wonder. Jackson himself was one of those people, and refused to stay silent about his life-changing experience.


Come and See: Jesus is Alive! was the final project that Robert (Bob) H. Jackson wrote on this earth. In the last year of his life, he tirelessly worked hour upon hour praying and writing this book. Bob was convinced God desired him to journal some of the miraculous things he witnessed in his over 55 years of ministry. He believed many professing Christians live on the wrong side of Easter, totally missing the expectant power available to those who believe. Instead of seeing the Church of Jesus Christ operating in resurrected power, he believed North American Christianity was far too often dependent upon, and therefore limited by, frail human abilities. What is missing in North American Christianity? According to Bob Jackson, the power of the Holy Spirit coupled with expectant faith is sadly missing! Bob longed for the Church of Jesus Christ to storm the gates of Hell in the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Bob Jackson's invitation to you today is Come and See, Jesus is Alive!

“The bottom line is that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever,” explains Rob Jackson. “The invitation that the women heard on that first resurrection morning is an invitation that every person in America – indeed, in the entire world – needs to hear and respond to, Come and See, Jesus Christ is Alive! He certainly isn’t powerless to save Himself and can actually liberate anyone held in their own tomb of despair and helplessness.”

Continuing, “Dad knew this first-hand as he was one of those people who experienced the resurrected power of Jesus on a daily basis and was committed to living his life sold out for Christ.”. Thom Rainer, President and CEO of LifeWay, supports Rob’s statement, "The question is often asked: What would happen if one man sold out totally for Jesus? I doubt anyone can claim total commitment, but Bob Jackson came as close as anyone I ever knew. As you read this book, be forewarned. God will use it to change your life dramatically. One ordinary man became an extraordinary vessel for God's work. God may do the same with you."

Rob is passionate about getting this work recognized so that “ordinary” men and women can be touched by the Holy Spirit and used to do extraordinary things for God. Rob’s efforts are succeeding. Since its release, the book has garnered a string of five-star reviews. F. Max Croft comments, “Reading this book has encouraged me to allow the Holy Spirit to be a life-changing power in my life. Dr. Jackson leaves no doubt--he demonstrates by the truth of the Scripture and by his own personal experiences that the unleashing of the Spirit brings miraculous results in the life of a devoted believer. I was challenged to a greater boldness through the Spirit's power--you will be, too!”

Eva Nell Hunter adds, “There is always a special touch to know the authors of any book. This one is special to me because I knew and loved Bob Jackson and his son, Rob, is my awesome pastor. After reading "Come and See: Jesus is Alive" you, too, will say "He touched me!"”

One Pastor now plans to use Jackson’s work among his own congregation, adding, “The spiritual teaching in this book is accessible and powerful. As a pastor myself, I hope to use it to teach the people I serve. This book is good reading for anyone who wants more from their life, a more that simply existing and going through the motions can never provide.”

‘Come and See: Jesus is Alive’, published by Rainer Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1ma5dgd.

About Robert (Bob) H. Jackson & Rob Jackson
Robert (Bob) H. Jackson served in ministry in churches and other organizations for over 55 years. In the last year of his life, he worked hours each day writing this book. His life is a testimony to the miraculous power of God's work. Bob's son, Rob Jackson completed this book after his father's death. Rob currently pastors Central Baptist Church in Decatur, AL, is president of Romanian-American Mission, and serves as an adjunct professor for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Both father and son have the Ph.D. degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.