Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Come to Ylang Ylang to Get Married This Season

Tropical Resort Hosts Unforgettable Paradise Weddings


Montezuma, Costa Rica -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, one of the leading hotels in Costa Rica and a tropical travel destination known the world over, cordially invites couples to consider Ylang Ylang as the location for their wedding. More than just a gorgeous place to visit, Ylang Ylang has built up a reputation as a fantastic location for paradise weddings.

Why travel to Costa Rica for a wedding? It represents a beautiful ecotourism opportunity with incredibly alluring and breathtaking natural settings. It combines the best of a romantic getaway with an amazing tropical vacation. Even better, the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is among the best Central American resorts, lending a lot to the experience of a wedding or honeymoon. From the tropical ambiance to the exotic scenery, there’s a lot to appreciate about Ylang Ylang for weddings.

In addition to its Costa Rica weddings, Ylang Ylang provides other great services and packages, including spas, romantic beach dining, the El Sano Banano Village Hotel, and a host of special deals designed to give travelers a great experience for less. According to a spokesperson for the Costa Rica vacation destination, “This hidden gem thrives with lush tropical gardens, white sand beaches, and the stirring beauty and harmony of nature.” From relaxation to adventure to romance, there’s no better beach resort in Costa Rica to provide travelers with all of the experiences they’ve been looking for.

About Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
Since 1989, Ylang Ylang Beach Resort has grown to become a worldwide travel destination for weddings, romantic getaways, and memorable tropical vacations. The resort includes features like delicious breakfasts, romantic candlelit dinners, and exotic plants and animals to observe. Whether it’s for a wedding, a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, a yoga retreat, or a tropical vacation, there’s always something special about Ylang Ylang. For more please visit http://www.ylangylangbeachresort.com/.