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Comedienne's Raw Yet Side-Splitting New Memoir Exposes Current State of Working-Class America. Unemployed? Here's a Tonic

Masterfully crafted by comedienne and writer, Tonya Ellis, ‘Down & Out During The Obama Chronicles (The Second Term)’cuts to the core of working class American society while presenting a bold vision for the nation that is currently being glossed over. Chock-full of Ellis’ trademark quips and anecdotes, the book urges readers to trudge through the tough times and look on the bright side of life. With vignettes spanning the author’s family life, love life and even her stint in a homeless shelter, being ‘Down & Out’ doesn’t have to be too darn depressing…!


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Tonya Ellis’ move in with her cousins in Houston symbolizes how her life has come full circle; after she packed her bags as a young woman to embrace life’s opportunities, only to end up moving back in twenty years later as Obama’s economy collapsed around her. However, it also serves as a microcosm that questions the wider American dream, and Ellis’ witty new memoir showcases a vision for the nation that has been swept under the rug.

It’s a good thing that Ellis is a comedienne, since ‘Down & Out During The Obama Chronicles (The Second Term)’ deploys her unique wisdom and wit to urge others to keep going as society around them struggles to stand up straight. Fusing Ellis’ personal life story with a wider examination of the nation, this unique read is providing a welcomed break for others who have seen reality get in the way of their dreams.


This collection of semi-autobiographical tales are my humorous version of an America that is currently being glossed over and overlooked. It is an insightful and humorous commentary on the current state of what it is to be one of the many broke working class people who currently hold together the fabric of this countries presently weak economy. At times hysterical and poignant. It is above all else- a relief in its honesty. An honesty that is very hard to come by in the oppressively politically correct days that we are currently living in.

“You HAVE to keep a positive attitude when times are tough,” admits Ellis. “I was part of a 1000-person lay-off in May when the Obamacare call center I worked for shuts its doors; another example of our weakening economy. Coupled with a one-month stint I once endured at a homeless shelter, I’ve spent plenty of nights wallowing in my own mud of depression and forming obsessive fascinations with e-Cigarettes! However, I am also acutely aware that I have not had it one-tenth as bad as some and these people need solace.”

Continuing, “Dozens of millions are also struggling and having to backtrack on their dreams just to make ends meet. This book is for them; a beacon of hope in between the job hunting and an opportunity to laugh out loud as the Government extends its middle finger to society once again. No forty-something adult wants to move back in with their parents (I now have to keep my room clean again!) but, for those sharing my plight, I want us to keep going when the going gets tough.”

Ellis has seen a great initial response to her work.

“I’m getting great feedback from others who are able to realign their priorities after understanding that they’re not being shafted alone. The big thing people understand is that life still continues with the people you love and all hope is never lost. While my book is naturally extremely funny, there is a serious therapeutic undertone that grabs people’s attention when they feel that all has been lost. Let’s laugh through these tough times together and crawl back to where we want to be. Mom and Dad, I love you more than anything; but I do want to eventually move out!” she adds.

‘Down & Out During The Obama Chronicles (The Second Term)’ is available now: http://bit.ly/1n7dOQU.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.tonyaellis.net.

About Tonya Ellis
Tonya Ellis is originally from Houston, TX. She is currently living back down home again after being a long-time resident of NYC (15+ years). Down and Out During the Obama Chronicles (The Second Term) is her first book. Since relocating back down to Houston, TX (which is what her first book is partially about) she also works to pay bills. She is a comedian & writer who recently bought her first E-cigarette so that she can practice smoking because she always thought cigarette smoking looked really cool even though smoking is generally a none healthy habit. Plus she thinks Stephen Dorff (from the E-cigarette commercials) is cute. Which is probably how the old way of smoking cigarettes got started- someone saw someone really cute smoking and thought it looked really cool.