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Comexp Offers the Ultimate Video Recognition Technology

Comexp made a decision to introduce its advanced video recognition technology to the world. Up to now their services (successfully used by the advertisers and TV stations) where only available in Russia and Kazakhstan. Now they will be available to anyone in the world.


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Comexp provides very useful Ad Monitoring and TV Signal monitoring services, based on an advanced image recognition technology. Their services are based on the so-called digital video fingerprinting. However, they took this already advanced technology to the next level. Comexp video recognition technology doesn’t need significant resources, it’s light and very efficient. This allows executing any service (TV ad or TV signal comparison and/or monitoring, for example) in a fast and accurate way. Another factor that makes their fingerprint technology more effective is its flexibility and stability. The technology can work even with the lowest quality signal (digital or analog). This will guarantee customers the accurate results no matter what the broadcast conditions are.

The main Comexp customers are brand advertisers and TV stations.

For advertisers Comexp offers a reliable and quick way to find whether their TV ads (and any other content) were shown fully and on time on TV. This TV monitoring service can track/analyze regular broadcast, satellite or cable. The service can be set up for any market and will help avoid wasting precious resources.

TV stations (broadcasters) can successfully utilize Comexp broadcast comparison and channel failure detection services.

This technology’s application is not limited to broadcast signal comparison. Essentially any two video signals can be compared and the needed video segments can be found. Moreover, it even doesn’t matter what is the quality, size or compression types are. The technology is very flexible and can be launched in almost any city in the world.

About Comexp
Comexp offers effective services for TV stations and advertisers, based on a highly advanced video recognition technology.

Vlad Golovin, Head of International Business Development
Moscow, Russia