CommBadge Technologies, LLC Launches "CommBadge"


Laguna Niguel, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- CommBadge Technologies, LLC would like to thank all of the 500+ generous contributors for making the company’s crowdfunding campaign a success, and the CommBadge a reality.

We’re proud to announce that, through our newly launched website, the slimmest, most lightweight, wearable Bluetooth speakerphone with voice command on the market, the CommBadge, can now be pre ordered for late summer delivery.

What is CommBadge?

CommBadge is an innovative communication device similar to the communicators used by crew members in the later ‘Star Trek’ films and television shows.

CommBadge is a Bluetooth speakerphone for iPhone and Android that uses the latest noise canceling chipset to minimize background noise. Unlike most handsfree devices, CommBadge does away with the need to wear uncomfortable headsets or having to rummage around to find your ringing phone. Through CommBadge, the user has direct access to Siri and Google Now.

CommBadge has raised the bar when it comes to personal communication and virtual assistant devices. It is the world's first wearable communicator with voice control. With CommBadge you’re able to speak, listen, and access your Smartphone’s features handsfree.

By combining proprietary directional and personalized speaker technology, the patent pending CommBadge brings you crystal clear, hands and eyes free communication. It's a simple to use, and amazingly convenient device!

Features & Benefits Of The CommBadge.

Since it’s introduction, the Smartphone seems to have taken command over our hands. CommBadge returns the use our hands with a communication device as simple to use as was first envisioned in ‘Star Trek - The Next Generation’.

It’s illegal in most states within the USA, and in most countries around the world, to drive while talking on a mobile phone. CommBadge provides voice command access to iPhone or Android Smartphones so your attention can remain focused on the road.

Bluetooth headsets are the most common handsfree communication solution on the market. However, many people find headsets uncomfortable, especially when worn for extended periods of time. The CommBadge is attached to the fabric of a shirt, sweater, or jacket and delivers as good, if not better, sound clarity than an uncomfortable Bluetooth headset can.

Where To Order Your CommBadge.

There are 3 models of the CommBadge, and each model comes in a choice of 4 colors, red, white, silver or black. The three models of CommBadge are CommBadge, CommBadge+ and CommBadge Pro and pre orders are being accepted through the company website, Deliveries are scheduled to commence late this summer. The indiegogo Funders will of course receive their CommBadge’s well ahead of the pre orders.

For more information contact Charles at or call (949) 415-8150

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