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Commemorate Distracted Driving Awareness Month with Bumper Sticker from LEM Products, Inc.


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2017 -- In honor of April being Distracted Driving Awareness month,LEM Products, Inc., a company based out of Montgomeryville, PA, that produces safety sign labels and quality control labels for various industries, wants everyone to be more aware while traversing the roadways. Drivers can spread the word with the company's anti-texting and driving bumper sticker.

Every single day, 666,000 drivers attempt to use their phones while behind the wheel of a car. Although a convenient communication tool, smartphones have also led to increased incidences of distracted driving that cause injury or death. According to the National Safety Council, distracted driving from cell phones accounts for 1.6 million crashes a year. A third of them involve texting while driving, and one out of four accidents that occur in the US is a direct result of texting and driving. Statistically, texting and driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving.

Additionally, on average, eleven teens die per day as a result of texting while driving. In a poll conducted by AAA, 94% of teen drivers admits that they are self-aware of the dangers that can result from texting and driving. However, 35% still admitted that they still text and drive anyway. 21% of fatal car crashes involving teenagers were due to being distracted by a cell phone.

LEM Products, Inc.'s anti-texting and driving bumper stickers, available now from the company, can help spread the message of safe, non-distracted driving. They are just one of the many products that the company offers to foster safe practices among their global customer base.

To learn more about how safety labels and signage from LEM Products, Inc., encourages safer behavior at work and outside of it, contact the company at 800-220-2400.

About LEM Products, Inc.
LEM Products, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture of identification products that protect people by identifying potential hazards, provide instructional and facility/site safety information. Precision manufacturing, a dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to achieving corporate targets for growth and social investment set LEM apart in the industry.

LEM Products, Inc. is a WBENC certified company with the reputation as a leading safety identification supplier in North America and beyond. They are certified by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. Business placed with LEM Products, Inc. qualifies for Federal and State Diversity Spend initiatives.

For over 49 years, LEM Products, Inc. has been providing wire marking, pipe marking, safety signage, lockout tags and other products to utilities, corporations, and manufacturers to mark facilities and products for OSHA/ANSI compliance and safety. Maureen O'Connor, CEO, has received numerous awards for her leadership, her commitment to diversity in the workplace and community involvement.

LEM has built a solid reputation, across industries as a dependable supplier of industrial products ranging from safety labels and safety signs to lockout tagout to custom tags and more.

For more information, please visit http://www.lemproductsinc.com/.