SP Industries and SC Environmental Team Up for Compactor Installations

Out of state companies and industries can now have commercial compactors installed by two of the leading waste and recycling handling businesses


Hopkins, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- SP Industries, a leader in material handling, has teamed with SC Environmental to install commercial compactors to Midwest U.S. customers. SC Environmental has an international customer base that they work with through the recycling industry. This allows SP Industries the opportunity to enlarge their network of where they can send their compactors.

SP Industries has a variety of commercial compactors dependent on the size and need of the business. Each compactor is specified for light to medium use and is best suited for apartment complexes, grocery stores, restaurants, and other like businesses. They can be contacted directly to decide which compactor will best service your needs. Commercial compactors can be as small as 2 cubic feet and go up in size from there.

Every state has different regulations and ordinances that must be met with these compactors. SP Industries says, “We can find you a dealer who is familiar with area, laws, and even the hauler you currently work with to navigate maximum savings.” In teaming up, SP Industries and SC Environmental are able to provide your business with sustainability options even when there is limited space. If you are interested in a commercial compactor, but need more information, the sales team can be phoned or emailed to help you.

About SP Industries
SP Industries has been handling industrial and commercial waste solutions for almost three decades. They now have more than 100 types of compactors to suit every need along with cart dumpers and specialty units. There are a multitude of options for low maintenance, high volume, or even hydraulic free dependent on what you will use it for. SP Industries aims to provide you with excellent value and unparalleled quality. For more detail please visit, http://www.sp-industries.com/.