Commercial Investigation LLP

Commercial Investigation LLP Proves Infidelity in Cases That Seem Impossible to Prove


Singapore, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- In 2011, 7,604 divorces and annulments were granted in Singapore, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics, with the majority coming under the Women's Charter and the rest under the Administration of Muslim Law Act. Under the Women's Charter, the most common reason for divorce was 'unreasonable behaviour' in contrast to divorces under the Administration of Muslim Law Act where 'infidelity or extra-martial affair' was the top reason for divorcing. If one suspects his or her wife is having an affair, a Singapore private investigator becomes necessary to ensure fair representation during legal proceedings, Vincent Tan of Commercial Investigation LLP states.

Commercial Investigation LLP currently maintains seven teams of investigators who deal strictly with matrimonial investigations. Each team makes use of the latest state of the art equipment to ensure the evidence necessary to prove infidelity is obtained. Two teams are under the jurisdiction of a female senior investigator trained in this area who has been handling cases of this type since the agency opened in 1990. "Our goal is to ensure each client gets the proof he or she needs to prove their case," Mr. Tan goes on to say.

Divorce isn't always the goal of a matrimonial investigation, Mr. Tan continues. In one case, after Commercial Investigation LLP obtained proof of infidelity, the case didn't stop as the investigators obtained background information on the mistress of the client's husband. This negative information was then shared with the client and her spouse and the spouse chose to forgo the mistress and save the marriage. "The investigators work to resolve the matter in a way that the client is comfortable with, whether it be reconciliation, divorce or some other conclusion," Mr. Tan explains. "Client satisfaction is the top priority at all times."

About Commercial Investigation LLP:
Vincent and Phillip Tan opened Commercial Investigation LLP in 1990 with private investigator who had prior experience in the investigation field. What makes this company stand out from others is they focus on what they can deliver now in the private sector to achieve the goals of the client rather than what they did in the past with the public service sector. Investigators work full time for the agency after being recruited from the military, the police or other specialized fields. The background of each investigator is vetted before hiring and each is required to undergo in-house training so clients can be confident the investigation will proceed professionally with a high degree of integrity. One team in the company is headed up by a senior female operative and she is in charge of personal cases such as matrimonial investigations. A variety of vehicles are used in the investigations along with state of the art equipment to ensure crystal clear images with monthly in-house trainings to ensure all employees understand the use of this equipment. Confidentiality is assured at all times.