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Commercial Mortgage vs Residential Mortgage


Coral Gables, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- It is also important to know how the lenders earn their margin. Using this information, you will know why many people choose money lenders to obtain loans. On the other side, residential loans create large amount of mortgage loans. So what do you exactly know about commercial mortgage? Let’s discuss this further to throw some light on the subject.

Commercial mortgage is similar to residential mortgage. It is a mortgage where property is secured to obtain a mortgage loan. Ofcourse, the main difference is the land in real estate market that is given for residential purpose or for commercial purpose. As the name suggests, a commercial mortgage can be known as a transaction type of business. It means that the business can be related to the mortgage loan and the goodwill of the business is the main concern apart from this revenue.

The commercial mortgage differs from the residential mortgages in terms of duration. It refers to duration in which the mortgage loan will be repaid. When it comes to residential loans, the duration is managed in a different way. Most of the commercial mortgages have lesser duration of, maybe ten years.

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