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Commercial Paving Contractors of Philadelphia Weigh in on Benefits of Line Striping a Parking Lot


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Ever since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed in 1990, lot striping has been taken seriously by property owners throughout Philadelphia. This law states that all businesses are required to reserve parking spaces for disabled people, which should be located near entrances to their buildings. Now, business owners spend more time making sure their parking lots have the appropriate amount of parking spaces. Even though line striping provides and added expense, Associated Paving Contractors says it also adds numerous benefits.

The commercial paving contractors of Philadelphia, who offer asphalt paving, sealcoating and line striping services to businesses throughout Philadelphia and Bucks & Montgomery Counties, line striping increases the number of parking spaces available and helps keep business owners in compliance with the law to avoid any potential legal action.

Associated Paving Contractors understand facts about line striping and believe that business owners should have parking spots clearly marked in order to avoid liability. Along with parking spaces, the commercial paving contractors of Bucks County also believe that pedestrian travelling routes should also be clearly marked to guarantee customer and employee safety. The paving company believes that this is a good way to make sure customers, employees, clients, and anyone else entering the building are safe when entering or leaving the property.

Line striping also offers total maximization space for customers as well. It is difficult for businesses to maximize car space if people are allowed to park their cars anywhere they want. Line striping aids in keeping the entire parking lot organized.

Before the surface is painted, Associated Paving Contractors recommends that pot holes or any other problem is fixed. The company is available to speak with business owners regarding line striping, or any other service provided. To reach a company representative, please call 215-672-8000.

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