Common Cleaning Mistakes: London Stone Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Village News, an online newspaper researching local and breaking news have updated their newspaper and released an article stating five of the most common mistakes which people make when it comes to cleaning nature stone surfaces. Natural stone has become incredibly popular over the last decade with people using it for their bathroom and kitchen surfaces, in their garden and even their indoor flooring. However, the article has listed some of the ways in which people are getting the cleaning wrong.

- Cleaning with vinegar: The article states that people must use cleaning products which are suited for the type of natural stone they have uses. Adding to this, it is important to get the pH level right and that is where people are going wrong with vinegar and bleach as it is seen as too harsh.

- Skipping the dust mop: The article says that dust and sand which are hard to see can cause wear on patterns over time due to acting like an abrasive under feet of people. To avoid this the article says that people should use a dust dry mop every day or every other day.

- Leaving high traffic area unprotected: What the article means by high traffic places, is an area where people constantly walk over. This can be protected by rugs and walk off matting.

For further information, visit the article online.

A spokesperson from London Stone was keen to comment saying, "People often get mislead online by what they read and lead to using the wrong cleaning methods which are shown in this article. It is important to make sure that your natural stone is protected, and we believe that this article have clearly listed some of the common mistakes from people. For further information and help you're able to give us a call, we're more than happy to help."

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