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Common Muscle Gain Mistakes


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- One of the goals of a diet and exercise program is to lose weight and body fat, but another common goal is actually to gain weight in order to build muscle. Just like with losing weight, there are many common mistakes we make when trying to build muscle. Here are a few common ones to avoid.

Muscle growth is fueled by a high protein diet, but that’s not the only component. Those working to grow and develop muscles often cut out carbohydrates completely for they fear of gaining fat or as opposed to the lean muscle. Carbohydrates are important to support energy and digestive processes in the body, and as long as we stick to complex carbohydrates (potatoes with skin, oats, sweet potatoes and fruits) the weight we add will work to define muscle tone instead of add fat.

Another mistake commonly made with food is skipping meals. Muscle requires nutrition to grow, and if the body works hard but doesn’t have resources to repair itself it will start to pull from internal resources. Often this is fat, but if fat resources are limited the body will pull from existing muscle – which reduces and inhibits growth overall.

Mentally, it’s important to set specific goals to change health, but in order to gain muscle or lose weight these should be given measurements and guidelines to help a person focus on their achievements. An example of a general goal would be “I want to gain more muscle.” A more appropriate goal would be “I want to gain 5 pounds of muscle by May 31.” This gives a target and provides measureable results.

Finally, training experts recommend seeking out support for any fitness goal. Community support holds a person accountable, keeps them focus, and can provide answers to common questions and a safe space to talk about progress and commiserate with set-backs. This also provides mental benefit by encouraging social interaction, which improves overall health.

By following these tips and correcting habits, muscle weight gain is possible as is any health goal we wish to accomplish.

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