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Common Strength Training Mistakes


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- One of the most important components of any physical movement is proper form. Without proper form, injury can happen and the body will not achieve the maximum output from the movement, leading to decreased results from their fitness program. In strength training, it’s easy to make mistakes in posture, performance, and training focus. In order to avoid mistakes, we must first be aware of what common ones are in order to correct them before they start.

Weight lifting exercises involve opposing gravity by moving resistance (the weights) vertically up and down to build movement. In reality, however, the body twists and moves from side to side in addition to up and down. Be sure when adding weight lifting or resistance training exercises to a workout to incorporate all over body movement for full-body training results.

In addition to making sure the body is rotating and working side to side, another mistake often made during training is never changing speed. Yes, slow and steady wins the race so to speak, but working at different rates of speed or different momentums can increase overall function of the muscles and train the body to adapt to rapid changes in movement to protect from injury and increase speed and performance.

We must be cautious with changing rates of speed and resistance, but we must also be cautious about staying the same. Another mistake commonly made is never increasing resistance or amount of weight being lifted during training. A common fear, especially among women, is an increase in bulk. This is an unnecessary concern as it is very difficult to grow bulky muscles without additional supplements and intense training. Be sure to increase weights when necessary to keep challenging the body and increase strength overall.

Paying attention to these common mistakes will challenge the body and keep a workout interesting while a person sees an increase in overall results in their fitness training goals.

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