Commonwealth Life Investra Link Made Pro-Client More Than Ever


Medan, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Commonwealth Life Investra Link has announced numerous modifications and enhancements to their services to provide clients with more benefits than ever as they try to increase their competitiveness and expand their reach in the field of life investment business.

Among the many improvements the company undertook is the launching of their online portal, which allows clients to access their account information online. It also allows them to correspond with representatives for inquiry or assistance via the built in email functions. Through this, the company has also been able to entertain applications online, creating a convenient way for clients who are having difficulties with arranging schedules for walk-in application to apply at the comfort of either their homes or their offices.

Not only is Unit Link Terbaik di Indonesia the best in the country with years of experience in the field, Commonwealth Life Investra Link is also among those whose dedication towards providing and securing a better life for clients through quality services are unparalleled in the country.

Unit Link Terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life Investra Link has also instituted other improvements and enhancements in other areas of their business, which has the primary purpose of making things for the client simpler and more rewarding.

The company has stated, though, that they will continue to learn through the feedbacks of their customers and provide more modifications in the future should the need arise in order to further improve their service. So far, the company has already reaped the rewards of their move through an increased influx of new members and the positive feedbacks from their satisfied clients. Experts are convinced that this bold move, if continued, will not only cement the reputation of the company but will also propel it to become the best in the country in the near future.