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Communisage Launches New Suite of Online Marketing Services Including Preston Web Design

Communisage has created a new suite of online services to offer a more comprehensive range of alternatives for presentation to different audiences across different media.


Preston, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Communication is what separates us from the animals; our ability to use communication to affect others, deliver concepts, and create collaboration has transformed our society and the planet. In business, such an essential skill can mean the difference between growth and catastrophe, and many businesses seek to put their communications into the hands of skilled professionals. Communisage the highly renowned marketing agency offers cost effective web design in Preston, and has expanded their range of services to include new communication formats to help people deliver their branding, from the web to the boardroom to the street.

Their new suite of services includes a PowerPoint presentation designer, allowing individuals and businesses to create presentations that have impact without obscuring the intended objective of the presentation. The PowerPoint presentations can contain graphics, animations, sketches, graphs, images and sound. The service is invaluable to those at all levels, whether pitching a business for development funding, outlining strategies for future growth or pitching business to business sales.

The company also offer savvy growth plans to help companies plan their future, and street wise business development to help create better brand awareness among businesses and the general public.

A spokesperson for Communisage explained, “We are communications experts and specialize in all forms of communication, not just web development. While the majority of our customers come to us for clear and intuitive websites that can communicate their brand positioning effectively, increasingly our clients are then adopting our additional services to help their businesses go from strength to strength. Whether businesses want their online communications audited or want to look into other lucrative areas of direct and indirect communication, we can deliver highly optimized and integrated approaches. These transform how businesses approach their audiences, what audiences they approach, and the results they get. Whichever services our customers select we ensure that all approaches have a consistent coherent strategy and branding so each approach dovetails with one another.”

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