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Community Association Management Unveils Suite of Tools for HOA Management

The right tools and professional management personnel make it easier for HOAs to avoid problems, spokesman says


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- According to consumer watchdog Ken Hyland, 55 million Americans now live in houses governed by homeowners associations. He estimates that 20 percent of these associations are poorly run or have other types of problems. With that in mind, Derek Greene of Community Association Management ( announces his company's suite of services that help HOAs improve their management and provision of services.

"In many cases," Greene explains, "HOAs are inefficient and unresponsive not because of a desire to neglect their duties, but because they lack the right tools or personnel. We provide the equipment needed to bring them into the modern era and greatly improve their responsiveness to residents."

As expected, one of these tools is an association website, which makes it easy for residents to communicate with the HOA, download copies of the covenants, pay assessments, and more. This, however, is just the start of Community Association Management's offerings.

"One area where HOAs can get into trouble is accounting. When all of the receipts for repairs, dues payments, assessments and other transactions are being kept in a shoe box, or worse, a pile on a desk, it's easy for important records to be lost. The association then doesn't have a good handle on its financial situation, and troubles result." Greene says. "We offer a number of solutions to make it easy to keep track of financial matters. Our self-managed HOA software makes it simple see exactly what's going on at a glance."

A big problem that has been noted when it comes to homeowners association management ( is a lack of professional involvement. In many cases, homeowners elect a board which then tries to do everything itself. "This amateur operation may make the elected board feel good, but it's a recipe for problems," Greene warns. "Errors that an accountant or other professional would not make end up being fairly common. This is often because board members have no training in the relevant areas. They're also trying to fit their HOA positions in around their regular jobs."

"Bringing in professionals to take care of the day-to-day operations of an HOA will eliminate many of the problems of traditional self-management," Greene went on. "Hiring us for HOA property management North Carolina ( ensures that the implementation of regulations and levying of fines will be both impartial and efficient, which is something many residents seek."

Since the same is true of condo property management South Carolina (, Greene's company also offers this service. It works much the same as HOA management for single-family homes.

About Community Association Management
Community Association Management believes that every homeowners association can be well-managed, and that problems arise mainly from a lack of tools or qualified personnel. To improve management, it offers many tools that HOAs can use on their own. It also offers professional management services so that HOAs can focus on governance and leave the implementation of the rules to the pros.