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Community Helper Peter Beck Under Investigation, Not Charged with Any Crime

Peter Beck, a Canadian sewer truck driver, is under investigation, but he has not been charged with any crime.


Hamilton, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Peter Beck has worked as a community helper for the past four years. Now, the sewer truck driver is under investigation.

Three years ago, Beck proposed to the love of his life, and she said ‘yes’. They set the wedding date for October 2015, but the couple would never be wed. Beck’s fiancee, Julietta, broke off the engagement in August 2014. She cited that she had fallen in love with a lawyer, and that he could better provide for her than a sewer truck driver. Soon after, Julietta and her new beau announced their engagement. Last week, the two became husband and wife.

The celebration did not go as planned. Around 9pm on the evening of their wedding, Beck drove his sewer truck to the restaurant where the reception was being held. “I just wanted to peek through the window to see the love of my life for the last time,” Beck stated in his testimony. He parked his sewer truck in the parking lot along with the guests’ cars. Beck then turned his engine off, at which point the sewer truck’s system malfunctioned.

Contents from the truck’s belly, which were almost entirely comprised of raw sewage, were spilled out into the restaurant’s parking lot. The reception was cut short by the stench of sewage, and guests had difficulty getting to their vehicles because of the mess. Beck was interviewed by local police, but he was not charged with any crime. No wrongdoing was found during the investigation.

About Peter Beck
Peter Beck has served his community for four years as a sewer truck driver in cottage country Canada.

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