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Community Hospital Avoids Up to 50k in HIPAA Violations with Kiosk Patient Check In

A California hospital’s sign-in process efficiently keeps account of admitted patients


Commerce Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2013 -- Savance Health’s new check-in kiosks help a community hospital in central California protect patient information by eliminating paper sign-in forms. This ensures that Patient’s personal information always stays secure and accurate.

Healthcare facilities and private practices can violate HIPAA in several different ways, but it all boils down to being irresponsible with patient health and insurance information. Paper sheets with identifying and personal information can easily be viewed by others, misplaced, or end up in the wrong hands, all of which violates HIPAA. By using touch screen kiosk check-in stations, Children’s Hospital of Central California (CHCC) ensures that all patient information stays in a secured and audited repository. By using the new kiosks, CHCC is able to save themselves up to $50,000 per incident in violation fees. Donna Yoshida from Medical Imaging says that their check-in system has “eliminated paper sign in sheets all together and made the flow of patients a much more streamlined process”.

Along with the new check-in kiosks in Medical Imaging and other areas of the hospital, CHCC has implemented Savance Health’s patient tracking and flow software designed to reduce wait times, improve patient hand-off, and increase overall patient satisfaction. In addition, the newly added family and waiting room display will keep patients and families better informed. Savance Health’s check-in kiosks, tracking software, and waiting room displays will ensure CHCC are in compliance with HIPAA and able to offer the most efficient patient service possible.

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