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Companies Add Holiday Cheer to Their Logos, Draw in New Customers


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2011 -- During the holidays, everything seems to sparkle. Shopping centers get mini-makeovers with twinkling lights and garland; neighborhoods offer a more welcoming entrance with wreaths; and the sounds of the season emanate on every television and radio station.

Even large corporate websites such as Google and Yahoo! get in on the action with special seasonal logos reflecting the companies’ holiday spirit.

And now, any company can give their logo a holiday makeover with the new holiday logo design service just announced by LogoNerds.com. This holiday season, the premier logo design company for small businesses everywhere is adding festive flair to companies’ current logos with their Happy Holiday Logo special. From touches of holly to blinking lights, LogoNerds.com can transform any business’s existing logo into a seasonal spectacular for only $27.

In many cases, a logo is a customer’s first impression of a company. It reflects the company’s brand, name, services or products and overall flavor.

By revamping an existing logo to a holiday themed web logo, it allows a company to engage potential customers in a new way. It not only offers a more inviting and attractive presence, but it also gives customers the opportunity to get a feel for a company’s personality.

With the new LogoNerds.com Happy Holiday Logo special, companies can add holiday cheer to their existing logo for $27; only a fraction of the money they will spend on other seasonal décor.

As the site states, companies should, “Show your customers your holiday spirit. Just like Google and Yahoo!, you can now have your very own holiday themed web logo.”

To get an updated holiday logo design from LogoNerds.com, companies can visit the site and describe the theme they would like their logo to reflect, list any images or graphics they would like included and provide a link and a file for their current logo.

In addition to their new Happy Holiday Logo service, LogoNerds.com provides new custom logo designs, mascot designs and creative marketing collateral to businesses worldwide.

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Catering to small businesses across the world, from the USA, to Australia and beyond, LogoNerds.com is a true global company. With their high- quality custom designs, impeccable service and unbeatable prices, LogoNerds.com has quickly become the number one choice of small businesses everywhere. Servicing more than 20,000 businesses to date, the company offers superior logo design services for companies on a budget. In addition, LogoNerds.com creates flyers, web banners, social media templates and more. For more information, visit http://www.LogoNerds.com