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Companies Brand Themselves With Easy, Affordable Websites by EasyHowtoMakeWebsite.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2011 -- When someone is interested in connecting with a friend or relative, they visit their favorite social media website or login to their email service. When someone is interested in making a purchase, they do research online and read reviews from other customers. When someone is looking for a new doctor, they visit their insurance company’s website and view their list of covered providers.

These days, most people do not make any decisions without consulting the endless list of resources available on the Internet. Therefore, a company’s website is its first impression to customers. And for companies that do not have an Internet presence the odds of someone choosing them over the competition are slim.

With the variety of resources on the web, a person does not have to be a web developer and understand HTML or CSS coding to learn how to make a website. But choosing the best online website builder can be a daunting task.

EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com just launched to provide individuals and companies with an easy three-step process that ends with a working, live, attractive website. The extremely simple process, which only takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, walks people through picking and registering a domain name, selecting web hosting, and teaches them how to create a website.

When someone is looking to create a website, they can very quickly become overwhelmed by the number of online web creators claiming to be the cheapest and easiest to use; especially since many of these web creators can be difficult to understand and can sometimes have hidden fees someone unfamiliar with making a website may not know.

EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com works with iPage, their recommended partner, to help people make a website simply, quickly and very cost-effectively.

According to the site, it just three easy steps, “You’ll visit our recommended partner provider that is offering a special discount and a free domain name, pick the domain name you want and order ‘web hosting’ (the service you need to actually get a site online) and then setup your website.”

Plus, EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com has negotiated a special rate with iPage so anyone who chooses their service can get a domain name, web hosting and everything needed to create a website for less than $50 a year.

About EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com
Recently launched, EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com provides people looking to create a website with an easy three-step process that ends with a working, live, attractive website. The entire process only takes about 30 to 45 minutes and, with their partner-negotiated discounted rates, costs less than $50 a year. To learn how to make a website in three short steps, visit http://www.EasyHowtoMakeaWebsite.com