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Companies Cannot Afford Back Injuries According to Liftn Buddy

Companies Cannot Afford Back Injuries According to Liftn Buddy


North Fargo, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Lift’n Buddy is committed to reducing injuries from repetitive lifting, lowering, and moving. Aaron Lamb created this important and cost-effective electric hand truck to drive improved safety and lower the high cost to North American businesses. The cost of back injuries alone costs millions of dollars each year. According to Lamb, “Lift'n Buddy automates those tasks, significantly reducing the potential for injuries and costly downtime.” Lamb suggests that all companies invest in the safety of their workforce.

“Back disorders can develop gradually as a result of microtrauma brought about by repetitive activity over time or can be the product of a single traumatic event. Because of the slow and progressive onset of this internal injury, the condition is often ignored until the symptoms become acute, often resulting in disabling injury,” according to the OSHA Technical Manual.

Lift’n Buddy is an integrated moving?lifting solution built for everyday use in most warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and route-based delivery systems.

- High performance linear motion solutions
- Moves and lifts
- Light weight extruded aluminum structure
- Interchangeable noses and handles
- Pneumatic tires
- Compact 10 amp, 12 volt lead?acid batteries
- Convenient: remote controlled

Lift'n Buddy ( is the revolutionary mobile lifting device that combines the best of a standard two-wheeler's durability and functionality, with automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Lift’n Buddy was recently awarded the 2012 Edison Award and recognized for new product innovation, in the category of Industrial Design Tools. The Lift'n Buddy has been designed with proper ergonomics and safety in mind for any person and any moving and lifting job.

Ergologistics manufactures innovative products for the health and welfare of material handling workers. Lift'n Buddy is designed and distributed by Ergologistics, LLC; manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota, the company is a proud member of MHIA (Material Handling Industry of America), National Safety Council, and MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

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Aaron M. Lamb, President