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Companies Increase Investment in Recruiter Training

To improve candidate quality, talent acquisition and recruiter training is key


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- What’s one of the best ways to ensure that your company will continue to grow with measurable increased employee performance? Through people. Hiring the best, most qualified talent isn’t easy, but it is critical to increasing market share. Get a step ahead of the competition and win the war for talent with Conni LaDouceur and ExecuQuest Corp. by learning how to hire the most qualified candidates for all your critical needs.

Smart companies realize that its more cost-efficient and far more effective to make the right hires, the first time, with the best and most qualified candidates, than it is to continually repeat the search and hire process, or stick with talent which isn't a great fit.

SHRM reports that employee development budgets are expected to increase by 20% for organizations with talent initiatives over the next three years. Improved performance via recruiter training is a comparatively minimal expense, continuing to pay dividends for any company or organization for years to come. Individual recruiters become known as the Deliverers of Results within their organizations, while the performance, growth and success of an entire company is boosted exponentially.

One excellent way to capitalize on this trend will be to attend the Talent Acquisition Excellence Forum in San Francisco, California, on January 27-28, 2014. This is an innovative and jam-packed conference filled with recruiting leaders, trendsetters and other professionals.

Founder and Chief Sourcing Strategist Conni LaDouceur of ExecuQuest Corp. will be co-leading one of the conference's "Innovative Staffing and Sourcing" sessions on "The One Best Practice to Best Leverage Linked-In". Did you know that approximately 34%+- of the nation’s white-collar workforce remains UN-identifiable via the web? The war for talent has changed in that there is certainly more available talent, but there remains a greater need for the most qualified talent. It's a great opportunity to learn from one of the industry's foremost experts how to identify, reel in and source qualified talent - best practices of recruiting and recruiting training.

Conni and EQC will also be on hand for SourceCon, in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 20. She will be offering two recruiting training sessions at SourceCon, her always in-demand "Crack the Code: Top Talent Not on the Web" session, as well as a special "Phone Sourcing Lab", where Conni will be co-facilitating a training session and offering live demonstrations of phone sourcing techniques. There is no better way to find and hire the most qualified talent, vs. the most available talent, than to supplement internet and database sourcing with original telephone research.

For more information on ExecuQuest Corp., visit them online at EQCAdvisors.com to see all of their upcoming conference and training dates, or call 410-667-8400 to learn more about today's best recruiting practices, insights and trends.

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ExecuQuest Corp. utilizes a proven development process centered on original telephone research. EQC provides clients with high-impact market research, accurate candidate identification of the most qualified candidates, competitive intelligence, and results with integrity. Chief Sourcing Strategist Conni LaDouceur founded ExecuQuest Corp. in 1985 and her proven strategies and continued passion have helped the company become a successful industry leader. For more information, visit ExecuQuest Corp. online at EQCAdvisors.com, or call Conni and her team directly at 410-667-8400.