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Companies Partner with Keystone Technology Management for Data Destruction Services


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2016 -- Keystone Technology Management encourages local companies to peruse their services relating to secure data destruction in NJ, MD, PA, NY and surrounding areas. The company strives to aid business owners throughout the process of getting rid of old, unused or outdated equipment and upgrading to newer, more advanced models. The technicians at Keystone Technology Management understand the seemingly ungraspable nature of technological advancement, which is why they are available to provide professional assistance that will help to ensure a successful transition and minimize the risk of a security breach occurring.

When individuals choose Keystone Technology Management to help them liquidate IT hardware, the technicians will remove, load and transport the equipment in a timely and professional manner. After inspecting and auditing the devices, they will provide individuals with a return on their investment. Keystone Technology Management will then sell the equipment if it can still be used, or dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly manner if it is in bad condition or outdated. The reputable and certified professionals ensure all partnering companies that their services will help to prevent data breaches and eliminate the possibility of having sensitive, private information leaked to the public.

When local businesses are searching for an established company specializing in IT data destruction in NJ, PA, MD, NY and surrounding areas, they are encouraged to look no further than the technicians at Keystone Technology Management. Not only will companies see a return on their investment, which they could put towards the cost of new equipment, but they will also obtain the peace of mind that their sensitive data is completely erased and inaccessible by ill-intended individuals. When businesses partner with Keystone Technology Management, they will be able to move forward in the ever-expanding world of technology without leaving anything behind.

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About Keystone Technology Management
Keystone Technology Management is a Langhorne, PA-based company that specializes in the purchase, resale and environmentally friendly disposition of excess and off-network IT equipment. Since 2001, they have served businesses, major corporations and colleges in the Northeast and helped their clients prevent unnecessary threats to financial, legal, environmental and data-related security with secure hardware disposition and data destruction. Keystone Technology Management holds a R2:103 certification and is consistently compliant with the requisite safety, environmental and data security regulations.

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