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Companies Recycle on a Larger Scale With Metal Containers from RDRSteelSales.com


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2011 -- With the Earth’s resources depleting at an alarming pace, many companies are looking for ways to lessen their carbon footprint and recycle whenever possible.

The construction and building industry is doing their part as well by using steel shipping containers to transport goods and metal storage bins to keep products safe while projects are in process.

Steel is an infinitely recyclable product. In fact, for every ton of steel that is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,000 pounds of coal and 40 pounds of limestone do not have to be permanently depleted from the Earth.

But finding the most affordable and largest variety of steel containers can be a difficult task.

RDRSteelSales.com recently announced an end of the year sale on new and used shipping and storage containers. Since 2000, the company has specialized in the purchase of surplus pre-owned containers to help companies keep costs at a minimum. Offering a variety of sizes and types of containers, the company provides top-notch customer service and highly competitive pricing.

Products from RDRSteelSales.com include baskets or containers made of steel, corrugated steel totes, wire baskets, self dumping hoppers, plastic collapsible bulk containers, plastic totes, and more.

The company’s used metal bulk containers can be used for a number of transport and storage projects. From storing cars and building supplies to moving large projects and valuable items, the storage containers available from RDRSteelSales.com offer an endless list of possibilities.

According to the RDRSteelSales.com, companies from a number of industries use their products.

“Industries across North America trust us in providing the best products and exemplary customer service,” states the company. “After serving the steel industry for over 30 years, there is no company better to serve your various needs of material handling products. There are many different industries that use our steel containers to transport materials. It is our priority to make your job run smoother and more efficient.”

Currently running an end of the year sale, customers located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico can take advantage of the company’s low pricing and fast delivery.

About RDRSteelSales.com:
Since 2000, RDRSteelSales.com has been providing companies and individuals with a host of new and used metal and plastic containers. Specializing in the purchase of surplus pre-owned containers, the company helps businesses keep costs at a minimum. It features various containers of different sizes and applications to companies throughout North America. For more information about the storage containers available, visit http://www.RDRSteelSales.com